Mag Excerpt: Opponents Should Beware of Beyer

Brennen Beyer grew up in a family of Michigan fans. Now he is getting ready to play in the Big House on Saturdays. It was quite the journey for the Beyers, and they shared some of their story in this month's magazine.

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The Michigan offer seemed almost too good to be true for Brennen Beyer. For a lifelong Wolverines fan to be receiving his first offer from the Maize and Blue was literally a dream come true.

At the same time, the idea of Beyer seemed like a fairytale for Michigan. An explosive 6'4, 220-lb kid in their backyard just as comfortable rushing the passer as dropping into coverage, and an ideal prospect for their "quick" position.

Luckily for both parties, the other was as real as could be, and Beyer became one of the key additions to Michigan's 2011 recruiting class.'s Midwest Recruiting Manager, Allen Trieu spoke with his father, Jon Beyer, about the recruitment.

For the full article, see the upcoming issue of GoBlueWolverine the Magazine, here are some excerpts from the conversation.

Your family are all big Michigan fans, and it seemed like Brennen's recruitment moved really quickly once it got going. What were those couple days like where he received the interest and then the offer came?
We were surprised, and shocked that this was happening the way that it was because we had zero contact with Michigan. We hadn't been involved with camps. He hadn't gone as a personal recruit to games at all, and we had just sent our tape out. They got the tape and liked what they saw. They got it over the weekend, showed up at school on Monday, and Brennen had an offer on Tuesday, and it was his first offer. It was just unbelievable that he just got an offer form the school that if he could hope for an offer from any school in college football, it would be there. We had a phone conversation with coach Rodriguez, they asked him to play football at Michigan and our family circled up and broke into the Michigan fight song.

It was fun to start the recruiting process with the offer that you hoped you would get. Then we started taking a deep look to make sure that everything that we've enjoyed as a fan on the outside...and make sure we check it out on the inside.

You guys are a very close knit family (*Mr. Beyer is a pastor, and Brennen works with the youth group), and a lot has been made about Michigan's "family values" and there have been negative things written about that in the press. In going through the process, what convinced you that these were the right coaches for Brennen to play for?
First of all, in that perspective, just in my own experience, Coach Rodriguez has taken on a very challenging assignment to bring about change to a very traditional program. It's a tough task, and it's going to be met with criticism. We are hopeful, and we believe that the turnaround is going to happen. We spent time with Coach Robinson and we enjoyed our interaction with him. Brennen feels totally comfortable with him, and is excited to play for a defense with Coach Robinson. We had very open and honest conversations with Coach Rodriguez and asked some very point blank questions and felt very good about his forthrightness with us. That relationship felt very comfortable to us as well and very enjoyable. So in terms of some of the criticisms, as we processed that, we had sensed that some of that appeared to be something that it's not, and when faced with the rest of the staff, it felt great.

I'm happy he's playing in our backyard. His heart was never able to leave this place, and as some other significant opportunities presented themselves, his heart continued to be here. I asked him a question, I said if any school asked you to come play football, would you take that against Michigan, and he said no. So I said what are we waiting for? Let's end this process. So we went to practice just before the spring game. We had a heart to heart and had been praying about it and said ok, either show us something we're missing or give us affirmation. We had a great visit and he had total confidence about his decision and has felt great about it ever since.

He's such a laid back kid, do you think he wanted to get it out of the way and sort of, get out of the spotlight?
I wouldn't say that. I think, what I hope and what I've always taught him is: I've always said that you've been given some unbelievable gifts from God in your body and your strength and you've got to be a good investor of all that, but I've always tried to have him keep a level head about it all. I think he's got a pretty good head about himself. We keep putting it in his ear that he's just a "Google hero" at this point. You haven't done a single thing in college football. You represent hope right now and that's going to be there until you start playing.

How much stronger do you think your family's Michigan fandom has gotten since the commitment and how much harder do you think you'll be cheering when he's out there?
It certainly becomes a lot more personal when your own son is out there, and it's just been a blast. For my greater family, it's going to make it that much more significant and exciting and important.

For the rest of this interview, an in-depth preview of the Michigan defense, and more, check out the next issue of GoBlueWolverine The Magazine.

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