Dee Hart Speaks - Michigan Visit

Dee Hart has finished his Thursday-Friday visit to Ann Arbor and U-M ... here's his report to GBW - how'd it go, and what's next?

Sam Webb: How is everything your way?

Dee Hart: "Everything's going, everything's going."

Sam Webb: What was it like getting back with your boy Ricardo (Miller)?

Dee Hart: "It was good. I hadn't seen him in a while so it was good seeing him. Glad I could get in a little visit in. It was good."

Sam Webb: Did he get a chance to take you all around campus a little bit?

Dee Hart: "Yeah we walked around a lot. We saw some big old squirrels."

Sam Webb: Squirrels (laughing)?

Dee Hart: "Yeah, these squirrels were huge (laughter)."

Sam Webb: I know he probably let you guys watch them in 7-on-7. Give me a little scouting report.

Dee Hart: "Tate (Forcier) was a little hurt. Denard (Robinson) did real good. He is practicing working on his throwing. Devin (Gardner) looks like he reading the defense better. You can tell that he is still young but he is reading better."

Sam Webb: How did those DBs look out there?

Dee Hart: "The DBs were playing. They were good and fast. They were a lot better compared to last year."

Sam Webb: What about Cardo? How is he looking?

Dee Hart: "He's looking good. He's been working on his catching. He wasn't 100% at catching when he was with us, but it looks like he has been working on it."

Sam Webb: What about you? How was it hanging out with the coaches this time? What were they saying to you?

Dee Hart: "It was good. They were just telling me where I fit in and stuff. Basically the same stuff I had heard… talking a lot about the support I would get up there. It was the same. They do not blow smoke up at each other, so they weren't really anything different."

Sam Webb: Has Michigan's place with you changed since the last time you were there, or are they the same place they've always been?

Dee Hart: "They in the same place. They in the same place."

Sam Webb: So what specifically did Coach Rod have to say to you?

Dee Hart: "He was just showing me the offense. The things that they are going to have me doing, have me at running back. I learn that and then I can go out wide and play slot and everything. Basically how they use Noel Devine at West Virginia."

Sam Webb: Tell me this… real talk… I know at one time you had planned to announce a decision in back in May; when are you going to make your decision now?

Dee Hart: "Soon."

Sam Webb: Soon as in before the season, or soon as when the season starts?

Dee Hart: "A little bit of both."

Sam Webb: Are you going to make it back up to Michigan for any games?

Dee Hart: "Yeah, I'll be there."

Sam Webb: Do you know which ones yet?

Dee Hart: "If I tell you that, I'll give it away (laughter)."

Sam Webb: How about this. Will you be at more than one game?

Dee Hart: "Possibly, yeah I'll be at more than one."

Sam Webb: What about your dad? I know there was some talk that you wanted to get him up to Michigan at a number of visits. Is he going to be able to travel with you this fall?

Dee Hart: "Yeah he'll be with me."

Sam Webb: I sort've already asked you this question earlier, and you gave me an answer… but how about we get a little more specific. Does Dee Hart have a leader right now?

Dee Hart: "Good question. I'll get back to you on that one (laughter)."

Sam Webb: This is the last one, who are the teams that still in the mix?

Dee Hart: "Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Oregon and Michigan."

Sam Webb: Are you going to be having a press conference or whenever you announce it how are you going to do it?

Dee Hart: "I'm just going to tell the coaches."

Sam Webb: Last question. I want you to put on your scouting hat again and give me a scouting report on Nick Patti's game.

Dee Hart: "There's a lot to his game. He's young. He has got all that talent, a lot of stuff you really can't teach him. Sometimes it is kind of hard playing with him because you really never know what he is going to do. He'll throw it like 60 yards and then he'll take off and run for 60 yards. You really can't kind of plan for him. I try to compare him to Michael Vick, but Michael Vick ain't got the accuracy where that throw is going to be right there, right now. With his feet, that's crazy. He's got feet actually like a running back. His game speaks for itself."

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