Decision on Horizon for Hayes (Part 1)

Grand Blanc (MI) RB Justice Hayes had a long standing plan to carry he recruitment into the season. Now that has all changed. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to discuss the reason on his newly expedited timetable, his visit to Michigan on Friday, his visit to Notre Dame earlier in the week, and much much more. (Part 1 of 2)

Sam Webb:  How did your visit go to Michigan yesterday?

Justice Hayes:  "It was nice.  I was with Coach Jackson pretty much the whole time because Coach Rodriguez was on vacation, but I spent time with him and (staff intern) Bryan (Wright) and we were just sitting down watching film.  We talked quite a bit.  We went to the stadium and looked at the new renovations and stuff.  Went to the press box, talked some more and then came back. We just basically just talked really.  That's what we did while I was down there.  It was nice.  We got a chance to talk about some deep things."

Sam Webb:  Did you go down by yourself or did any of your people come down with you?

Justice Hayes:  "My people were busy.  I came down with me and my friend."

Sam Webb:  You said that you guys talked about some deep stuff.  I know very early in the process you said you didn't have a good idea of where you fit in with Michigan.  Did you sort of get into that with them?

Justice Hayes:  "Actually, it went the other way.  He made me realize that I would fit in there with him and I was feeling good about it.  It is just something I have to sit down and think about it.  Just basically think about it and sit down with my family and stuff and see where I want to go because I'm thinking about basically…I'm getting tired of this recruiting process.  I did not think I would, but I really am."

Sam Webb:  You have pretty much gone back and forth from time to time between saying, ‘I'm a spread guy' and ‘I'm a pro-set guy.'  Is that one of the things that you're still thinking about or is that not a big deal for you any more?

Justice Hayes:  "That's not a big deal.  I remember talking about this with you.  It does not even matter.  It's just basically where I fit at… where I feel the most comfortable and I can get an education at.  That's basically it.  I think I am a spread guy, but I do not even get into all that.  It is whatever at this point."

Sam Webb:  I know you did the Nike camp, but besides that, you really did not get out on the camp circuit.  Was that because you were tired of the whole recruitment thing?

Justice Hayes:  "I really was tired.  I just wanted to sit down and basically relax.  I've been doing stuff like that for three years now.  I think it is time out for that, man.  I really wanted to sit down and just see what I wanted to do with the decision I have to make.  Basically, I just look at that as guys trying to (earn) scholarships.  That's basically what all that stuff is.  It is people trying to get looks and stuff like that.  I'm just trying to stay competitive with everybody.  I think I'm getting tired of that and I just wanted to relax.  That's pretty much what it was.  Vacation man (laughter)."

Sam Webb:  I hear you.  So you made it down to Notre Dame recently, right?  How did that go?

Justice Hayes:  "Yeah I'm went down two days before Michigan yesterday.  That went well too.  They're similar situations, both spread.  Great schools, academically.  Similar situation between them and Michigan.  They both made me realize those two are tops.  Those two are strong.  I'm going to try and get out to a couple more places, probably one or two before I ultimately making my decision, because I'm getting tired of it man.  I could retire an old man."

Sam Webb:  I understand.  When you say that you're tired and you might decide soon, do you mean the season?

Justice Hayes:  "Yeah.  Probably even sooner than that.  Do not be surprised if it is a week or two from now.  I'm just ready to get it over with... to get where I'm going and focus on school and my season."

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to sit down and do this, what is your decision going to come down to?

Justice Hayes:  "Basically, the way I feel about the school academically… if I could see myself comfortable.  Like I'm with football and I got nothing to worry about and I am just going through and being smooth.  Basically, I can feel at home.  It is a very hard decision.  That's why I took this long.  There are dudes committing like crazy now, I see where they coming from.  They ready to get it over with."

Sam Webb:  You made that trip to Michigan; do they sit in the same place they did with you before you went, or are they higherwith you now?

Justice Hayes:  "I was thinking about letting it loose, cutting it down, but I'm not doing any more cuts.  I'm just going to make my decision from here.  Honestly, I wasn't even thinking about them no more.  I'm glad I made that trip.  It really helped me see stuff.  He compared me to some of the players and I'm not going to say nothing, but I'm stronger, if not as strong as most of the running backs that they got there now.  I was happy about that.  You see me, I'm a little guy, but I realize that I'm still strong though man.  I was thinking, man I'm all small and I bet these dudes or cats up there is strong as I do not know, because they bigger than more or whatever.  Honestly, I'm just as strong as those guys."

Sam Webb:  I know at one point you were really concerned with what type of seasons Michigan and Notre Dame were going to have.  You kind of wanted to see them on the football field first.  If you are going to make an early decision man, how comfortable are you with those situations at those two schools right now even though you haven't seen them play on the football field yet?

Justice Hayes:  "Basically, I just have to trust that what I want to happen will happen.  That's what is going to have to come down too.  Both of them are great academics school.  I really can't go wrong.  If the football part does not work out that's where my life starts, get me a job and have my kids and do the family thing and be a success at it.  That's all that it comes down to, be having faith in the school."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two in which Hayes goes in depth into about the other schools still in the running, his announcement plans, the the most significant factors in his choice, and more.

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