Decision on Horizon for Hayes (Part 2)

Grand Blanc (MI) RB Justice Hayes on the schools other than Michigan and Notre Dame still in the mix, the factors in his final choice, his announcement plans, and more. (Part 2 of 2)

Sam Webb:  What do you think about Northwestern right now?  You were very excited about it after you traveled down there, plus they have one of your high school teammates in their program. 

Justice Hayes:  "I think Northwestern is a beautiful college with great academics.  They really pursue family atmosphere.  They preach on caring for one another.  It is a beautiful situation down there and I think it is even stronger, but then again, when I really looked at it, man, I want to be at a big time program.  Not to knock them like they are not as good anymore, but I want to be among the elite man.  The top dogs, the program that is everybody is talking about.  That will kind of help me go out there and strive for excellence.  I want to be on one of the best stages."

Sam Webb:  What about Iowa.

Justice Hayes:  "I got family down there.  My cousin is down there doing his thing.  He is going to be getting some tickets for the basketball team, so I'm excited about it."

Sam Webb:  Roy Marble is your cousin?

Justice Hayes:  "Yeah.  It's funny because my family is a basketball family.  I got it on both sides, on my momma's side.  That's on my momma's side with Roy.  On my daddy's, it is him (Hayes' father played on the great Detroit Southwestern teams off the early 90's with Jalen Rose).  My uncle played for the University of Detroit, so I've got a basketball family… but back to Iowa.  The situation is great.  They are coming off of a BCS win against Georgia Tech.  They are going in a great direction.  There running backs are known for going to the league and having success – Shon Greene.  It is just a great situation out there."

Sam Webb:  What about Michigan State?  What are your thoughts on the Spartans?

Justice Hayes:  "That's another school that had a decent season last year.  They did not have a terrible season, but they definitely got upside.  Coach Dantonio is doing the guys well and getting them ready.  They got their skilled position players, Edwin Baker and Larry Caper, (Onaje Miller)… I ran track against him man.  In the spring, I beat him.  I was like yes!  I was happy about that.  That was the only time I really seen him.  I did not get a chance to talk to him.  They've definitely got upside this year, definitely going to be doing some things this year.  They got a returning quarterback, great offensive line.  They're doing some things.  It is a great situation down there.  They doing their thing and they about to do something next year and make some noise."

Sam Webb:  Are you talking to any other kids about going to school together, or is Justice Hayes just going to do Justice Hayes. 

Justice Hayes:  "I'm doing my own thing but every school has been like that.  Tony Jones, Northwestern, Lawrence Thomas, Michigan State.  There are a couple of dudes from Tennessee that want me to go down there with them and we could start a powerhouse down there.  Iowa, you know.  I do not think there are too many people talking to me about Iowa, but my cousin wants me to go down there.  Every school has something or someone that wants me to tag along."

Sam Webb:  Are you factoring that in or are you tuning it out?

Justice Hayes:  "No not at all, like I said it is all on me man.  It is my life."

Sam Webb:  How are you going to announce your commitment?  Are you going to have a press conference or anything like that?

Justice Hayes:  "I'm going to do the press conference thing man."

Sam Webb:  Is it just going to be you or are you still trying to do that joint press conference with DeAnthony Arnett?

Justice Hayes:  "I do not know.  I'm going to hit up DeAnthony and see where his head is at.  It is basically me.  It is what I want to do.  It is my life."

Sam Webb:  What are your parents saying about the process, who are they looking at, and what do they want you to consider?

Justice Hayes:  "They just want me to go to school and get a great education man.  That's basically what they preach… education, education, education.  So I definitely have that in mind and I feel the same way about it.  I just want to go to school where I'll be set when I get done with college.  I know there are some colleges out there that people get there and they even get their degree and they find out that still ain't doing nothing.  I'm really afraid of that and I do not want to be in that situation if I do not get to the big leagues.  That's basically what I am really thinking about and me getting a great job coming out."

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