Jake Fisher: From Those Who Know Him Best

Jake Fisher's parents and his high school coach talk about his decision, but also his development as a football and what Michigan is getting as a person.

Jake Fisher profile

Jake's father, Raymond Fisher, a former standout linebacker himself, on football in the family:
I went to college and played football at Saginaw Valley, and Jake's had a football in his hand ever since he's been big enough to hang onto one. This has been a lifelong process for him. I coached with Coach Wooer for ten years in Kingsley and he's always been my little sidekick. Now the roles have been reversed. I'm his little sidekick. He's been around football his whole life. Either we're playing catch in the yard, or he's coming to practice with me. I never really pushed him into it, just here's the game and this is what you can do with it. He's accepted it and embraced it. The last five years he's been on his own and enjoying it.

Jake's mother, Fran Fisher on humility:
Our job, his dad and my job is to keep him grounded. His gifts: physical stature and academic capabilities come from God and I just remind him that these are God given things. They don't necessarily stay intact for your whole life, so have gratitude, stay humble, both Jake Fisher the human being and football player.

T.C. West head coach Tim Wooer on Jake's locker room presence:
In the locker room, Jake may not say many things but when he says something, people are going to listen. Even as a junior last year, we had a video session and kids are talking, not paying attention and he tells them to shut up and listen. He's someone who's not going to be afraid to say things and when he says things, they're going to happen. Now at Michigan, that may not be until three or four years down the road, but they're going to get a leader, a kid that's going to scratch, claw, and compete to win a Big Ten championship and get them back on the national stage. They're getting a kid that's going to work hard in the classroom. They're going to get a kid that's going to be classy ad represent the program the way Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr would want a Michigan kid to act.

Jake's eating habits from Mrs. Fisher:
He's a picky eater believe it or not, but what he likes, he does consume a lot of.

Why Michigan? Coach Wooer explains:
Number one is tradition. Whatever and happened The last two years, that's over and done with now. I think Coach Rodriguez is a cutting edge guy. The things that they do are very innovative. Once he gets the people on field that he needs to have on the field, things are going to take off. I just hope Michigan people are patient with him and give him time. Everywhere we went, we had to look at who Jake would be working with. Coach Frey is a good guy. He really liked Coach Rodriguez and Coach Frey.

Mr. Fisher on the decision, and being done:
We're both now extremely excited and relived that this part of the process is over. It came down between Michigan State and Michigan. We talked about it for about three days. For me, either school you go to, it's a great opportunity. Michigan, it's a world wide known college. It's surreal. It hasn't quite sunk in yet, but we're really really excited.

Mrs. Fisher talks about the Big House and imagining Jake's first game there.
I can't even fathom the people and noise there. I can see my kid. I can see the stadium. I don't think I can put the two together. The very first time I'm there watching him play, we'll see if I can keep my composure. I doubt it.

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