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I was able to pick the brains of Prep Spotlight's Vince Baldwin and AAU coach Durand "Speedy" Walker for their thoughts on sophomore phenom, Jerret Smith. Also included are a few more pictures that didn't make past reports. Click the link for more.

Jerret at the line

From Jerret's AAU coach, Speedy Walker:

Give me your impressions of Jerret.

"I think that Jerret has a real mature game. He has a real strong body and a real strong understanding of the sport. That allows him to do things at his size that most kids aren't able to do. He can rebound, he can pass, he can score, and he can defend…so his upside is phenomenal."

From Prep Spotlight's Vince Baldwin:

I've seen him ball a number of times for John Glenn, but I haven't seen him on the AAU circuit. Can you compare his AAU game to his John Glenn game?

"He has more freedom in AAU. He is free to pull up and shoot the three or go coast to coast. I think he averaged like 26 points per game in AAU, whereas he probably averages 15 or 16 points per game for Westland Glenn. As you know, it's just a different style of play. Plus, Jerret plays better with better teammates. The higher level of player he has around him, the more dominant he'll be because he can really see the court and pass the ball."

Jerret prepares to take his man off the dribble

How do you think Michigan looks for him?

"I think that they look as good as a school could look for a kid at this particular point! Anything can happen between now and the time to commit. But, you have to say that they are in as good a position as a school could be in. He likes them and they like him. It's just a matter of him saying am I going to go ahead and do this now or wait to see what happens."

Jerret with the pull up

I spoke to Jerret's dad and he said that they like what Tommy is doing at Michigan.

"That's another factor. The Smith family loves watching Jerret play. Ann Arbor is only 20 minutes away. They are a strong educational family and Jerret is a good student. Michigan offers a top-notch education. Right now it just looks like Michigan has a lot of what they are looking for in a program."

Here's an encouraging comment from one of my conversations with Jerret's dad that I can share:

"Jerret told me that he really likes the fact that Michigan has players that he's familiar with. He plays AAU ball with both Joe Crawford and Ronnie Coleman. He was really excited about that when he found out and said, 'hey Dad, if I went to Michigan, I'd be playing with guys that I already know!'"

Jerret takes it to the rack

Jerret's playoff run ended at the hands of Wayne Memorial last week. However, we'll have much more on him in the coming months from the summer hoops circuit.

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(Vince Baldwin is THE source on high school basketball in the midwest region. For instructions on how to obtain his print publication and/or to view his online content, visit him at Prep Spotlight)

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