2012 Missouri WR High on Michigan

Ladue (MO) Horton Watkins WR Jehu Chesson was one of the standouts at Michigan's annual summer camp last month. GoBlueWolverine recently chatted with the c/o 2012 standout about his experience, his recruitment, his interest in the Wolverines, and much much more.

Sam Webb: Tell me how last season went for you?

Jehu Chesson:  "To me it went real well.  As a team, before we had been struggling to bring everything together and this year we just had so much talent, we were able to bring it together.  My role on the team was to contribute and how I did that was to catch the ball and go to business, do what you need to do.  It's a team sport.  Then also throughout the season there was some adversity and we were able to handle that.  We ran more of a spread offense and I felt that we distributed the ball a lot more, but I feel like this year we just have a primary target.  We do not have a whole wide range of wide receivers like we did last year."

Sam Webb:  Pretend you're a coach for a second… give me a little scouting report on your game.

Jehu Chesson:  "First off, if I was the coach, I would look at the little details that he would do when he goes to the huddle… like what's he doing?  Is he paying attention?  Does he walk to the line of scrimmage, which I do not walk because we're disciplined like you have to run up to the line of scrimmage.  Then getting off the ball, you're first three steps have to always look like a fade unless you doing a one step plant.  Then does he stalk block and how well does he block?  I would say that he blocks pretty well.  When he drops a pass, what does he do after?  Does he come back and does he put his head down?  Because for me it is not just in football, when something goes bad you got to keep your head up and everything.  As far as what he does, like what the corner, whatever the corner like man, cover-1 or cover-2.  You have to make sure what the outside backer is doing if you run a slant… does he handle that well?  Does he find the open zone where he can run like a post or like a dig?  He does do that.  It is just like a little checklist that I have to keep to myself."

Sam Webb:  What's your height, weight and 40 time?

Jehu Chesson:  "At Miami, they had me at 6'4" but Michigan they had me at 6'3".  I think I got my physical today and I was 6'3" and weight is 180.  My 40 time was 4.5."

Sam Webb:  How did you become interested in Michigan?  What made you attend their camp?

Jehu Chesson:  "My dad was actually the one who did a lot of the research.  You see it on TV, you watch the games and everybody wants to go and see the Big House and all that.  I was excited about it too.  It was just me and I wanted to get exposure and to see what kind of competition was out there and see how I fit in.  What role I would have in college football and to me it was test to myself, if I believe that I could go division one at one of those schools that I attended camp too."

Sam Webb:  How do you think you did and how did you like it?

Jehu Chesson:  "I think I did well.  I tried to execute what I had been taught, I just took what I did wrong, and I took what Coach Dews tried to correct on me and try to fix it.  Now when I'm home I try to fix that.  I really liked when the coaches are with the kids and it is not all just serious.  It is not laid back either.  When it is time to go, they're on you, but when it's not, they kind of chill about it.  It is just fun. I just love playing the sport."

Sam Webb:  You told me about the actual experience at Michigan where they were giving you instruction but did they single you out, did they talk to you about their interest in you as a prospect at all?

Jehu Chesson:  "Yes.  Throughout the camp they were giving me little tips and stuff.  Then at the end of the camp my dad and I talked to Coach Dews and his words were, ‘we will be recruiting you.'  So I just need to keep doing what I need to be doing and stay on top of my game and hopefully I will be able to get recruited by them like you said."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk to Coach Rodriguez very much at all?

Jehu Chesson:  "Yeah I did.  It was actually when we got to tour the Big House.  At the end of it, we got a picture with him and he talked to for three to five minutes to me and my dad.  My dad had talked to him earlier in the camp too."

Sam Webb:  You went to Miami's camp too, right?

Jehu Chesson:  "Yeah I did."

Sam Webb:  How did Michigan's camp compare to your Miami camp experience?

Jehu Chesson:  "To me Miami was almost like different zones or climates, Miami was more like part one, the heat, it seemed faster.  Then when I got to Michigan, it wasn't as fast, but they broke things down that you could actually absorb.  I absorb more from Michigan, but at Miami it was just like full throttle."

Sam Webb:  Did you camp anywhere else?

Jehu Chesson:  "Yeah at Missouri's camp and then my team went to ISU (Iowa State) camp."

Sam Webb:  What were those experiences like?

Jehu Chesson:  "I think the ISU team camp was fun and actually I was with my team and I could show my team what I had accomplished because that was the last camp I went too.  How I progressed and got to show them what I could contribute.  They had alright facilities.  After being Michigan and stuff with four turf fields, everybody else seemed like a little bit lower.  But the facilities aren't like the only thing I'd be looking at.  The coaching staff and how they reach the kids and stuff."

Sam Webb:  Do you have any scholarship offers yet?

Jehu Chesson:  "Not written ones.  I can't get that until my senior year.  As far as verbal offers, the camps that I've been today, they just say oh yeah will be recruiting you.  But like the actual (schools) where I heard scholarship were Missouri and ISU."

Sam Webb:  Let's pretend for the sake of argument that you're getting ready to make a decision and pick a school.  What are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Jehu Chesson:  "Well first, an education and what kind of education I can get from that school.  Then right behind that would be where I would fit in, in the school and in the football program.  I do not want to go to a school when they are just a powerhouse and running the ball.  I want to find where I can fit in and can fit into the offense, whether it be spread formation or traditional formation.  I just want to be able to fit into that.  School and how they are different, what their majors look like and their reputation."

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