Horton, Robinson, Abram Talk

Daniel Horton, Bernard Robinson and Lester Abram talk about the season, and the upcoming Big Ten Tournament.

Daniel Horton

On why he has struggled as of late:

"They've tried to take the ball out of my hands. They've done a lot of things to disrupt me while I have the ball and, I mean, I think it's a lot harder when we haven't played as well as a team. When we're playing well as a team, it really doesn't matter what the other teams do to try to stop me. But, at the same time, I think I have to try to be more of a quarterback and try to lead this team more."

On how the team feels about the upcoming NCAA Tournament:

"I'm not sure. I mean, the guys, we don't talk about it a lot. We talk about it sometimes, but we don't talk about it a lot. And I know me personally, I try to focus on taking it from game to game and focus on who we're going to play next. I don't really think about the NCAA Tournament or anything like that until I actually see it on TV when they start talking about it -- which is not much because of all the homework and classes we have."

On what it will be like to play in the Big Ten Tournament:

"It's going to be new. That's obvious. We've had post-season experience in high school, but that's totally different from what we're going to face this weekend with some teams fighting to make it to the NCAA Tournament and some teams…well…everybody is fighting to make it to the NCAA Tournament. Either they need to win a few games or they have to win the whole thing. It's going to be tough. No one wants to make this their last game of the season."

Bernard Robinson Jr.

On what playing in the Big Ten Tournament means to him:

"It's going to mean everything to me. It's our last couple of games, you know, our last three games so it's going to mean a lot to us. We have to lay our hearts on the line."

On how UM can overcome lack of depth and LaVell's injury to try to make a run in the Big Ten Tournament:

"I don't know. We're just going to have to keep playing hard and play with everything we have. That's how you overcome things like that."

On how important it is to play good defense:

"It's very important. Defense is the key to winning the game. When we don't play good defense, it's hard to win. So everybody's going to come out there and play the defense that we're capable of and it'll be hard to beat us."

On what the Big Ten Tournament means to the team:

"Nothing has changed as far as where we get to go, so this isn't the NCAA Tournament, but we're going to play it like it is."

On whether it's hard to hear about the NCAA Tournament:

"No. It's not hard at all. I mean, we've been playing like this all year long and we knew where we were going when we started this season and we knew we would come out ready to play. It doesn't matter to us. I'll still watch it. I'm a fan of basketball, especially college basketball, so I'll watch."

Lester Abram

On whether he prefers to play at home versus on the road:

"Of course. You always like to see your family and friends jumping up in the crowds, jumping up and down screaming for you, making you feel good inside. I guess you like the extra boost of energy, too."

On the toughest place he played on the road this year:

"Probably Illinois. I just remember orange. That's all I remember. All the orange. And you couldn't even hear. It was worse than Duke. That's the toughest place I played at."

On whether it will be tough to watch the selection show and the tournament:

"Not really because we already expected to not be part of the tournament from the beginning."

On whether the Big Ten Tournament will be his NCAA Tournament:

"No. I'm not approaching it like that. I don't think the season's over. I'm approaching it like we're still in the season. This is the last go ‘round for us and the first game we lose, we're out of there, so after this, my season's over. I don't want it to be over. "

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