15u Super Showcase Day 1

Orlando, FL.- Scores of division one coaches have made their way to the 15u Super Showcase started at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex to scout the next crop of up and coming prospects. Michigan assistant LaVall Jordan and headman John Beilein are certainly among those contingent eyeing on possible targets in the 2013 and 2014 classes? Here's a look at some of the notables from day one.

As the tournamnent progresses we'll get a better sense for which propsects the Wolverines have taken a liking to. In the meantime here is a look at a few head-turning perfomances from day one.

CP3 15u- Rodney Purvis is the buzz name on this team but don't sleep on 6'7" center/power forward Taji Coger who showed a quick drop step in the post and a face up jumper that was good from 15'. 6'5" Gregory Mclinton is skinny but a solid lefty who has some versatility to his game.

DC Team Takeover 15u- Three front court players could be impact players for division one programs in a few years. 6'10" 2013 center Timothy Higgins is thin but looked to score starting off with his back to the basket. While his hook shot and face up 6' turnaround jumper came up short his strength is standing tall on the defensive end. 6'7" 2013 power forward Michael Wolfe (pictured) is long, athletic, and runs the floor like a deer. He didn't score more than ten-points but showed that he could hit the fifteen foot jumper and although he didn't score with any post moves he looked to post up his opponents. 6'7" 2013 power forward Cameron Gregory is another solid athlete and although he didn't show much looked like he could contribute on the division one level with some polish to his game.

Gold Coast 15u- 6'7" 2013 power forward Rashad Thompkins is a player that will initially have one going to the scorer's table or checking the Florida based team's roster and he's a solid player but it's the small forwards that sent me back to the scorer's table. 6'3" 2013 wing D'Angelo Reynolds was playing at a mid-major plus level as he put zip on his passes, used his strength to finish at the goal, and put the ball on the floor to get there. He left the game in the second quarter in obvious pain with what might have been a broken jaw or the worse tooth ache of all time. 6'4" 2013 small forward Wadley Mounpremier is the team's best prospect as he's very long with handles good enough to get him to the basket when he wanted and athleticism to rise above defenders. He's thin but has a decent frame that should take on muscle at a reasonable rate with work in the weight room.

Martin Bros. 15u- 6'7" 2013 power forward Akoy Agau is long and put up the majority of his 20-points from 12' and in. He's a solid athlete who's length and decent skill set should draw mid-major plus and high major offers in time.

MBA Elite 15u- 6'1" 2013 point guard Demetrius Jackson will climb up the charts and is drawing high-major interest now. He's athletic, came back to the pool play game after being poked in the eye. He's smart, handles the ball well, and not afraid to bang for rebounds.

NY Gauchos 15u- While most members of the 2014 class are finishing up the 14u National Championship and beginning the 14u Super Showcase 6'8" 2014 center Dakari Johnson is starting for the Gauchos in the 15u Super Showcase. Johnson's a solid athlete with great size who will put the ball on the floor at times and knocked down a jumper from the elbow. 6'3" 2013 wing Jordan Fuchs has nice size and was a solid contributor on either end of the court and on the glass in a pool play win over the Tennessee Tigers. He needs to grow a bit to become the high major prospect that Johnson is already.

Rising Stars 15u- This is an AAU program that every Patriot League, Ivy League, and 4-year school requiring solid grades from its student-athletes should be accustomed to knowing. 6' 2013 guard Robert Knar is a scorer flat out and drained jumpers off the dribble or from set shots from 19' and in. He has the it factor that could find him a place at some high-major programs in a few years despite not being a great athlete. 6'7" 2013 power forward Andrew McAuliffe is a solid all-around player in the mold of former Rising Stars player Fred Heldring (Lehigh). He has decent size and has some toughness while playing with his back to the basket when called upon and a bit of a face up game from 15' and in.

Spiece Indy Heat 14u playing in 15u Super Showcase- Go see this team and get used to the names Trey Lyles, James Blackmon, Trevor Bluiett, and Terrell Davis. They are good and Lyles and Blackmon are amongst the best from the 2014 class that I've viewed.

Team Takeover (Canada) 15u-7'1" 2013 center Tanveer Bhullar looked as nimble as I've seen and he used his size well by nearly pinning opponents under the basket. His guards have to reward the biggest 15-year old in Canada once in a while instead of seeing a stuck defender and a lay-up opportunity. 6'8" 2013 power forward Nicholas Madray is a solid athlete who can play above the rim and get out on the break. Madray is at least a mid-major prospect and could finish higher as he has some skill and toughness. 6'1" 2013 combo guard Tyler Ennis is one of the best prospects in Canada and had me wondering if he was another "Joseph." He handles the ball fairly well and is productive with the ball in his hands.

Team Toledo 15u- While watching many of the best players in Michigan's 2013 class I was wondering how one of the top 5 players in that class was playing in the spring and summer. Wednesday 6'7" power forward Jackson Lamb confirmed his position as he has a great basketball IQ to go along with athleticism, toughness, and stat filling abilities. He scored 19 points, grabbed a dozen rebounds and blocked 5 shots in a pool play win over a tall and athletic DC Team Takeover squad.

Tennessee Tigers 15u- 6' guard Jequan Lewis and Cornelius McEwan are a solid backcourt that play with a good feel for the game.

Texas Titans 15u- 6'8" 2013 forward Julius Randle (pictured) is going to be nearly unstoppable when he develops his shot. The lefty was a 6' point guard only a few years ago but a growth spurt has changed his position but he's maintained a surprising handle. 6'3" 2013 shooting guard Matt Jones is a versatile guard whose strong suit on Wednesday was knocking down three-pointers. Both are high major players and are favorites to win the 15u Super Showcase.

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