Spiffy Evans: "Nothing like" U-M tradition

GBW brought you an interview earlier this month with Hollywood Florida cornerback Jonathan Aiken. Today we bring you an interview with his best friend and teammate, Curt Evans. The two are a formidable duo at powerhouse Chaminade Madonna High, and they're hoping to play together on the next level. Are the Wolverines in the mix?

GBW: Whats been going on with you lately?

Curt Evans: "I've been out been out town visiting family in Atlanta. I haven't had the time to take a lot of visits, but I have been to Georgia Tech and Florida State recently."

GBW: What were your impressions from those visits?

Curt Evans: "I was really impressed with Florida State. The coaches were on vacation so I didn't get to talk to them. I liked then environment there, the campus and stadium were really nice. Georgia Tech was okay, but I can't see myself going there."

GBW: Have you visited any other schools?

Curt Evans: "I visited Florida a long time ago for Junior Day, but they haven't offered me."

GBW: I know that Michigan offered you awhile ago. Are they still in contact with you?

Curt Evans: "I still hear from Michigan. I have good relationship with Coach Dews. He came down in the spring to check me out. I haven't talked to him in awhile, so I need to give him a call."

GBW: Before Michigan get involved in your recruitment, did you know anything about their football program?

Curt Evans: "Tradition! It's a program with a rich history. There's nothing like it. I remember playing the NCAA football game with Big-D (Desmond Howard) on the cover because he won the Heisman Trophy. So I know Michigan produces some of the best players, which is good."

GBW: We talked to your teammate Jonathan Aiken last week. He me that you guys are close and are looking to play together in college. What are the chances of those plans materializing?

Curt Evans: "Me and John are good friends. He's comes over to my house all the time, calls my mom his mom, so were really tight. We would like to play together, but we'll have to sit down and matchup offers to see what we have in common. If we like some of the same schools, there is a good chance of us playing together."

GBW: Jonathan made it clear that he plans on leaving the state of Florida. Is distance a factor for you?

Curt Evans: "I'm open to leaving the state if I can find a school I really like."

GBW: How do your parents feel about you possibly going away for school?

Curt Evans: "It's funny because I we were just talking about that a few days ago. I asked my mom where does she want me to go for school. She said, ‘Curt, go where you want to go. We are behind you and support whatever decision you make'."

GBW: You have a lot offers to choose from. Are you happy with your offers or are there schools you like and are still waiting to hear from?

Curt Evans: "I've been waiting to experience the recruiting process, but I am happy with what I have. I did grow up a big fan of Alabama, so that's an offer I'd like to have. I'm ready to cut my list down though."

GBW: Do you have a favorite a school? How would an offer from Alabama impact your recruitment?

Curt Evans: "I don't a favorite because I need to see the schools. Even if Alabama were to offer they wouldn't be my favorite. I'd be thankful for the offer, but I'd have to evaluate them like the other schools."

GBW: You mentioned cutting down your list. Are you narrowing it down to a top 20, top 10, or a top 5?

Curt Evans: I'll probably cut to 10 the first week of August, then 5."

GBW: Will Michigan make your top 10?

Curt Evans: "Michigan, Vanderbilt, South Florida, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Boston College will be in there."

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