Oh. QB Brian Hoyer's Dad Calls.

Yours truly heard yesterday from the father of quarterback <B>Brian Hoyer</b> from Cleveland St. Ignatius.

Junior quarterback Brian Hoyer (6-5, 190 lbs.) from Cleveland St. Ignatius is playing baseball this spring -- he's a pitcher (St. Ignatius won the state championship last year, with Brian the winning pitcher). We asked if Brian would be making any unofficial visits.

"We'll try to get to Michigan for a spring practice, but with baseball it's hard. The first baseball game is March 25th -- but it's 18 degrees here so we'll see."

"But we'll be there on June 15 for the start of the Michigan camp."

We asked him how recruiting was going for Brian.

"We're hearing from a lot of Big Ten schools, our filing system is already overwhelmed. Brian is very interested in Michigan, and in Ohio State."

We mentioned that we saw Mike Massey at the Purdue game last Saturday, sitting with Pat.

"Yeah, Mike was up visiting his brother for the weekend."

As a junior Hoyer threw for 1,922 yards.

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