Prospects emerge at Big Boys in Training Camp

The 2nd annual Big Boys in Training camp took place last weekend in Harrisburg PA at Susquehanna High School's "Roscoe Warner" field. Camp participants traveled from different parts of the state to work with Jamien Harvey (Founder), and his Big Boys in Training staff. After a lengthy conversation with the BBIT staff, below are the camps top five performers list.

The MVP award went to Claudy Matthews, an unknown prospect from the City of Brotherly Love. The unknown label is a temporary tag, as Matthews stock is sure to rise after his impressive performance. The 6'3" 225 pound defensive end is light on his feet and has more strength than you'd expect when observing on the hoof. Matthews has long arms and a frame that that could stand another 15-20 pounds. He dominated the majority of his 1 on 1 matchups, which is impressive since he was mixing it up with lineman that outweighed by nearly 100 pounds, in some cases even more. Matthews is a little raw, but his upside is off the charts.

Steve Finley also had an impressive performance. He'll be a two year starter for Harrisburg High School, one of more talented programs in the state on an annual basis. Finley was technically sound, showed the ability to quickly get into his pass-pro set, and appears to be a natural knee bender. In the 1 on 1's, Finley used his length and wide base to mirror defenders, eventually driving them out of the pocket. His camp performance matches up with his film, which should mid major schools knocking on his door.

Susquehanna High School hosted the camp, so it's fitting that Avery Robinson came out and represented his school so well. Robinson is the younger brother of Adrian Robinson, a star defender for the Temple Owls, who will be a high NFL draft pick in a year or two. The younger Robinson is not resting on his laurels or namesake, the BBIT camp is just the last in a number of stops that he's made on the camp/combine circuit. A class of 2012 prospect, Robinson has tremendous quickness off the ball and he loves to initiate contact. A wrestler by trade, Robinson uses some of those techniques when disengaging with offensive linemen. Robinson can continue to put on weight (245-250 right now), and grow an inch or two, he'll be a surefire division 1 recruit.

Steelton-Highsphire has been churning out college football prospects at a record pace over the past three years, and it appears more are soon to come. Their latest candidate may be Phil Brown, who at times destroyed the competition at the BBIT camp. He can rip right and left equally well, he just seems to have a firm understanding of how to keep offensive linemen off his body due to his quickness and ability to maneuver in tight quarters. Brown really impressed with his effort and energy.

Last but not least is another Susquehanna Indian in Stephen Hairston, who goes at 6'4", 335 pounds. Hairston moves really well for a guy his size, and with his strength, he literally over powered the competition. He had some good battles with all the players mentioned in this article, and came away with his fair share of victories. If can continue to get in better shape, it will be only a matter of time before he picks up his first offer.

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