Inside RRs Office:Exactly how Jones committed

Kellen Jones breaks down to GBW exactly what happened inside of Rich Rod's office when he gave the word that he would be a Michigan Wolverine.

Kellen Jones to GBW's Dre Barthwell:

"We were all in Coach Rodriguez's office, talking: Coach Rodriguez my father, my mother, my godfather, and little brothers D.J and Bryson.

"So Coach Rodriguez is talking to us, and he starts to wrap things up ... and I said to him ...

'Coach I am committing to Michigan!'

"And Coach Rodriguez went bananas! He came over and gave me a hug and he was really happy.

"I don't even think he was expecting me to commit with the reaction that he gave me.

"Then we started to sing Hail to the Victors song -- our family and Coach Rodriguez, just us in there.

"The other coaches must have heard us because they come right in -- all of us together sing the Michigan fight song! Even my little brothers D.J.-1 and Bryson-2 and were singing the song.

"The other coaches were congratulating me and hugging me -- it felt good when I committed.

"I was over at the Big House thinking, 'I could actually play in front of 110,000 fans' ... standing there, I could really see myself playing at Michigan."

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