GBW with McKeesport PA LB Branden Jackson

McKeesport PA linebacker Branden Jackson made it over to A2 for the Big House BBQ in the late spring. Are the Wolverines still on his mind?

Sam Webb: Is Michigan still on your list or have you eliminated them?

Branden Jackson: "No, Michigan still on my list. When I did the other thing (interview), they were asking me if I had a (top five) and I told them no, and I think they really gave me a trick question and try to make it seem as if I made a list when I really did not. They weren't really happy, because I did not make a list. People are telling me and I said I did not make a list. The question kind of tricked me a little bit."

Sam Webb: You do not have a top five right now then?

Branden Jackson: "Naw."

Sam Webb: Have you decided whether or not you are going to take an official visit to Michigan?

Branden Jackson: "I haven't decided that. I know before my first game that's when I want to have the top seven. I want to have a list of seven schools and then I'll go from there to my seven schools and make some official visits."

Sam Webb: Do you recall off the top of your head all the schools that you made unofficial visits to already. What were they beside Michigan and North Carolina?

Branden Jackson: "Michigan, North Carolina, Rutgers and I think that's it."

Sam Webb: What are your criteria for whittling the schools down to seven; how are you going to go through that decision making process?

Branden Jackson: "I'm going to use all the knowledge that I got from all my unofficial visits to determine that. Taking a bunch of different things that I liked from different schools and trying to mix it all in one. Also, there are some schools that I may have an offer from, but I really never speak to. Like I really never see mail or things like that and I'll have to maybe eliminate them."

Sam Webb: Has Michigan maintained contact with you?

Branden Jackson: "Yeah they maintain contact with me. I get letters from Michigan all the time. I do not always call and talk with Coach Gibby. I work in the summer and then football and stuff. So they always write a note to make sure that I'm still there guy."

Sam Webb: You and Delvon Simmons made it down to North Carolina together; are you all trying to be like a tandem going to the same school?

Branden Jackson: "We're thinking about it. We haven't got serious yet, but we know there is a possibility and we like playing with each other. It is just something. It really could happen but we haven't decided. We could go to the same school, but we never made (promises) or nothing like that."

Sam Webb: Did you guys go to Rutgers together too?

Branden Jackson: "He did not go to Rutgers with me. I went to Rutgers with two other players."

Sam Webb: The only place you guys went together was North Carolina then?

Branden Jackson: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: When did you say you were going to narrow it down to seven, before your season starts?

Branden Jackson: "Yeah. Before my first game, I'll have it."

Sam Webb: What are the odds that Michigan will make the top seven?

Branden Jackson: "The thing about Michigan that no one else has really showed me…I bonded with Michigan players. I haven't bonded with anyone else's players the places that I've been, and they are the first school that I felt like I was already wearing the Maize-n-Blue. Michigan players just showed me such a good time. They're all real cool and we talked and stuff like that. It was real cool. Everywhere else I went the players were already off campus for a vacation or something like that. So I did not really get a chance to bond with them. Bonding with coaches is fine but the players are your brothers and you got to be cool with your brothers and I was cool with all the players that I met up at Michigan. I did not get a chance to get nothing like that anywhere else I went."

Sam Webb: So you think they got a good chance of making the top seven then?

Branden Jackson: "Yeah. I definitely think they have a good chance."

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