Pointer Looking to Come Home (Part 1)

Winston Salem (NC) Quality Education Academy wing Dominique Pointer has been one of the hotter names on the AAU circuit in recent weeks. The former Roseville (MI) star has piqued the interest of a number of high majors closer to home, including Michigan. In part one of our two part feature we chat with the youngster's dad about his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, his game, and more.

Dominique Pointer Profile

Sam Webb:  As you know, Dominique's name has gotten really hot over the spring and summer.  What schools is he hearing from right now?

Tony Nolan:  "Michigan, Michigan State, and DePaul, Miami, Ohio State.  There are so many of them." 

Sam Webb:  You mentioned the two instate schools first, let's start with them.  What in particular have your conversations with Michigan been like?  What are they saying to you right now?

Tony Nolan:  "They're saying that they like him very much.  We're going up there for a little small visit to visit the school and see what it is like.  We are going to do that Sunday.  Michigan State, they staying in contact with us."

Sam Webb:  Okay.  Which coaches have you spoken to for Michigan so far?

Tony Nolan:  "All of them."

Sam Webb:  From your conversations with them, what are your impressions of that staff, Coach Beilein, Coach Alexander, all of the guys… what kind of vibe do you get off those guys so far?

Tony Nolan:  "I got a pretty good feeling about Michigan.  I got a pretty good feeling about the coaches."

Sam Webb:  As far as their style of play, if they were to offer Dominique a scholarship, how do you feel like he might fit in there?

Tony Nolan:  "That was my biggest concern.  I addressed that to both coaches and both coaches gave me the same answer and I was satisfied with the type of conversation that we had about Dominique fitting inside their program."

Sam Webb:  You said the Spartans are watching him.  Are they trying to get him up for a visit as well?

Tony Nolan:  "At the moment, they have talked with me and Dominique a couple of times and they have shown a lot of interest in him but they haven't made a move.  They cannot send it to him anyway until after the first of next month anyway.  If we go to Michigan it is not an official visit.  It is unofficial."

Sam Webb:  So tell me this, as a dad looking at his game, describe it in your own words.

Tony Nolan:  "Dominique to me is a special player.  He always has been but over the last year, he has made a U-turn to a different type of player.  He's slashes, he runs.  He runs the floor very well.  He slashes and now he is shooting the ball better.  He is an open floor type of player."

Sam Webb:  What do you think the reason for that is?  What caused his game to mature like that?  Is it that he put in more work or was it the change of scenery? What allowed things to change for him?

Tony Nolan:  "There are a number of reasons.  I think his coach down there (at Quality Education Academy in Winston Salem, NC) Coach Pitts… the type of competition they play.  They have another young man that helps Dominique out up here.  He helps him out by playing with the AAU team.  (Overall), I think basically it is Dominique.  He wants to do it.  He does not complain about nothing.  He does anything that you tell him to do and he works hard."

Sam Webb:  One of the things that he told me was that if he had his preference, he would play his college ball closer to home.  Is that something that you guys are looking for as well… to try and get him to play a little bit closer to him when it is time to go to college?

Tony Nolan:  "That is my only concern.  I made it clear to everybody involved that I want him home.  That was my biggest concern.  I'm not hiding it and I am not going to hide it.  My biggest concern is that I want him home.  I want him at Michigan, Michigan State or University of Detroit.  U of D is in my (list of favorites) too."

Sam Webb:  Aside from the distance factor, what are the other things that you are looking for that are going to set one school apart from the others?

Tony Nolan:  "The coaches.  His positional coach.  Can he come in and will he play?  That is my biggest concern on the team is.  I also know that he has to do the work.  There is no way around it no matter what school he goes to.  I do not care what school he goes to, he has got to do the work.  I think he is prepared to do that.  So what will set out the top school will be the one that really wants him."

Sam Webb:  I talked to him and he laid out…he said he is going to get input from a number of people on his decision.  Is it going to be like a big meeting?  How are you going to sit down and make a decision?

Tony Nolan:  "I know where his Coach Weaver and I know where Coach Pitts is coming from.  We will take the input, but the final decision will be just three people… me, his momma and him.  I will take input from the rest of them, but they might not be talking on what I'm talking on.   I know what I want.   Dominique might not like it, but I made it clear to him.  I'm not going to make him do anything, but I made it clear that I want him here.  He is still not going to make a decision probably November anyway.  We won't post it or say anything about it until November anyway… November or December."

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow for word from Pointer himself on his interest in Michigan and more.

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