Pointer Looking to Come Home (Part 2)

In part two of our feature on Winston Salem (NC) Quality Education Academy wing Dominique Pointer, the former Roseville (MI) discusses his game, his interest in Michigan, his upcoming visit to Ann Arbor, and more.

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Sam Webb:  A lot of scouts are saying you blew up this summer.  How do you think you've been doing out there?

Dominique Pointer:  "I'm doing my thing.  I'm playing my game."

Sam Webb:  Tell me about your game.  If you were a coach, what would you say about Dominique Pointer?

Dominique Pointer:  "He plays hard all the time.   He gets down and plays defense.  He's a defensive player and he is a slasher.  He can knock down the mid range jumper, three point shot.  I think I play like Jason Richardson."

Sam Webb:  You're dad said that Michigan has been all over you over the past couple of weeks.

Dominique Pointer:  "Yeah Michigan has been hollering at me."

Sam Webb:  What have they been saying to you?

Dominique Pointer:  "They've been saying that they want me and they just have to look at my grades and they will offer me."

Sam Webb:  Which coaches have you talked to?

Dominique Pointer:  "I talked to all of them, including Beilein."

Sam Webb:  Your dad told me that you talked to Coach Bacari Alexander a lot.  What's your vibe like with Bacari?

Dominique Pointer:  "It's cool.  He's a real dude.  I like him."

Sam Webb:  What about Coach Beilein?  I know you're going to be talking to him more when you go up there (Sunday), but has Coach Beilein talked to you at all about how you might fit in at Michigan?

Dominique Pointer:  "Yeah.  He said I would fit in good.  He said I would be a good slasher and passer for them."

Sam Webb:  Your dad says that he feels like your game over the past year has risen to another level.  Do you feel that way too?

Dominique Pointer:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  Why is that?  What made your game go from one level to the next?

Dominique Pointer:  "The move (from Roseville, MI to Quality Education in Winston Salem, NC) that I made and the competition that I was playing."

Sam Webb:  If we were to see you on the court right now, what does your game have now that it didn't before?

Dominique Pointer:  "My shot is way better than what it was before.  I got a little more handles.  I've been working on everything, learning everything."

Sam Webb:  You've still got the same hops though, right?

Dominique Pointer:  "(Laughter) Yeah I still got the same bounce.  The bounce will always be there."

Sam Webb:  I know you're visiting Michigan on Sunday.  Do you have any other plans to visit any schools over the next month or two?

Dominique Pointer:  "Not really.  I might go visit somewhere, but I got to talk to my people and see what's up."

Sam Webb:  Your dad said he wants you to go to Michigan, Michigan State or University of Detroit.  How do you feel about that?

Dominique Pointer:  "I'm good with that.  I guess those schools are really looking at me, so it is good with me."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline for when you would like to have your recruiting over with? 

Dominique Pointer:  "Yes by the second signing period."

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