Michigan Surges into Tabb's Top Group

Redbank (NJ) Catholic TE/DE Jack Tabb has logged a lot of miles this summer in his quest to learn more about his expansive list of suitors. Joined by his mother, the talented youngster tacked a few more miles on the odometer when they hit the Midwest for the first time and dropped by the University of Michigan.

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"It was great," said Tabb of his time in Ann Arbor.  "I liked it a lot.  My mom and I have taken visits to lots of schools, I think around ten now, and I really liked this one a lot. It was definitely as good as any of the other ones.  Everything is top of the line.  I love the weight facility, I love the indoor/outdoor facility, and the stadium is awesome with the whole new renovation.  I really like the atmosphere.  I felt pretty comfortable with the players that I met."

Taylor Lewan and Craig Roh were extremely effective in espousing the virtues of the Maize & Blue.  That said, most of the heavy lifting was done by the coaching staff.  Even with headman Rich Rodriguez away in Chicago for the Big Ten kickoff luncheon, his able assistants made a very strong and positive impression.

"I met with Coach Calvin Magee and then Coach Robinson, and it was good," said Tabb.  "We hit it off. They are recruiting me for either tight end or linebacker. A few months ago I would have said I preferred tight end, but the more I get comfortable playing defense, the more I like it.  I really do not have a preference at this point.  I liked both coaches.  I felt really comfortable with Coach Magee.  He is very honest.  I do not really like people beating around the bush and promising this and that. I like how he was truthful and telling me how it was going to be with him as my coach, because he is the tight end coach also."

"Coach Robinson also gave me a great feeling," he continued.  "He told me straight up what position and how I would fit defensively.  Both coaches showed me how I would fit in and where I would play and just made me feel comfortable.  I was comfortable with them.  I feel like I could be myself.  That's a big part of a coach/player relationship."

As memorable as all his interactions were, when the dust settled on an impressive visit,  there was one aspect of the trip that stood out more than any other.

"Definitely seeing the Big House," Tabb said excitedly.  "There is just so much history out of it… so many great moments. It just felt good walking down that tunnel.  Definitely Michigan is one of the schools sticking out (on his list).  It was a very pleasant surprise.  My mom and I did not know anything about Michigan.  We learned a lot, and we both liked what we saw."

Tabb will have the opportunity to make his way down that tunnel again should he make it back for an official visit in the fall.  That appears at this time to be a distinct possibility.

"Hopefully I do," he said regarding making a return trip to Ann Arbor.  "I would really like to meet Coach Rodriguez.  Also the head strength coach wasn't there so I would like to meet him too."

In the more immediate future there are three other visits on the Tabb docket.  Tabb and his mother plan on making stops at Purdue, Cincinnati, and North Carolina in the coming days.  That leaves open the possibility of other schools moving up a list that is far from set.

"Definitely still Florida and Boston College… and also Rutgers, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Iowa, and Wisconsin," responded Tabb when asked which schools sat at the top of his list.  "I still haven't eliminated schools, so it's kind of hard (to name definitive favorites)."

The weeding out process could take a few more weeks, or a few more months.  In the end the victor will be determined when the time is right.

"I want to try and do (make a commitment) before my season because my season starts a little bit later than everybody's," he stated.  "Our first game isn't until September 11th. But I am not going to pressure myself to do that.  That's just kind of a goal that I would like have.  But you never know because I really want to take my officials also."

"It'll come down to how I feel on campus, my comfort level, and then people that I feel most comfortable with.  Every place has great facilities, great academics.  It comes down to little things like how you interact with people and how you feel about the campus."

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