Transcript: Steve Schilling, Part 3

Offensive lineman Steve Schilling at the Big Ten Kickoff at the Big Ten Kickoff ... here is Part Three: the D-linemen, more on OSU, and much more.

Question: A couple of weeks ago the talk of the town was a bunch of people saw pretty much the whole football team running up State Street; can you talk about that a little bit? Was that something you were behind?

Steve Schilling: "In the summer, we do a senior run kind of. We get there for a workout and then the seniors kind of take over. A lot of times we run to the golf course or do something, but this year we had a little delay in the morning, so the golf course was already being used, so we decided to run up State Street and up to the Diag, kind of like an end of summer start of camp team bonding type of thing."

Question: Was it a race?

Steve Schilling: "No it is not a race. It is just a jog up State Street have some fun with the guys early morning. Get up to the Diag….it was at seven, not too early. Usually it is six but this year it was at seven. Just something to do at the end of the year, senior run, guys think they are getting ready for a tough workout and then the seniors kind of take over and just have them job up to the Diag."

Question: So that is the whole workout for that day?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah just jog up. I think some guys caught the bus on the way thing."

Question: Did any offensive lineman try to get courageous and go to the front of the pack or did you guys kind of stick together?

Steve Schilling: "I don't know. I stayed in the back because I wanted to make sure everybody was going up there. Kind of policing from the back, but yeah some guys ran up ahead, some guys were trying to walk. It is just a fun thing, some guys were having fun yelling and screaming, something we can do at the end of the year."

Question: Who caught the bus?

Steve Schilling: "Too many to say. They had a bus full. Right when we were running back, one of the buses pulled up and it really got piled in there."

Question: You saw the 3-3-5 or at least some version this spring. How did you think that performed for Michigan's defense? Do you think that is something that is going to work?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah. I think it is exciting the fact that they can run that as well as multiple other fronts. It presents a challenge when they can switch back and forth from the odd defense like the 3-3-5 and other four man fronts. As an offensive line having to go back and forth from odd and even four to three (man) fronts, it is different because you cannot go into a week just preparing for one front. A lot of times you see odd lines in long distance, third and long type thing. If a defense is capable of running it on any down and distance it is definitely…"

Question: Does that kind of help you guys offensively that you seeing that stuff in practice?

Steve Schilling: "Sure. Yeah. I remember in spring, we were talking about the odd and our offensive line coach was telling us how great it is that we get to go against every day. He loves it. You see more even fronts usually. So getting to against the odds when they are in that front, it is good for us to practice going against. Usually you don't see it as often. Just being able to know what you got to do on every play against every different possible defensive front definitely helps."

Question: You said at the end of spring that you had put on about five pounds from the end of the season. Have you continued to go up or are you still around that?

Steve Schilling: "I'm right around 300 to 305. I'm definitely trying to put on weight."

Question: You're trying to?

Steve Schilling: "I want to be like about 305."

Question: What team are you looking to play the most this season?

Steve Schilling: "The most? I don't know if I can single one out. We've had so many tough games that last couple of years that we definitely want another crack at. I want to play Penn State, Iowa, Michigan State and Ohio State obviously, and Wisconsin as well. Definitely trying to get some of those wins back."

Question: One of the things Rich talked about the defensive lineman is that a lot of guys look good in the spring, but their dedication in the offseason will dictate where they are in the fall. He can't see them, but you can, who would you say is stepping up the most?

Steve Schilling: "I would say guys like Ryan Van Bergen. He works hard, but he has always worked hard, so it is not anything that I've seen something extraordinary out of him this year. Greg Banks, Renaldo Sagesse, those two guys are in there all the time. After workouts, they go back and do a bunch of extra stuff. I've definitely seen some big improvements in Sagesse. Mike Martin obviously. He is the strongest guy on the team. Every day he comes in, he's got 20 more pounds on whatever he is doing. I don't what he's doing…I don't even know, I can't even talk about him. There are a lot of guys and I'm excited to see what they can do when the pads are put on."

Question: Rich singled out prior to the spring Adam Patterson and BG (Brandon Graham) said hey this guy, he has the athletic talent to really do it. What have you seen from him?

Steve Schilling: "Absolutely. He is one of those guys who is a freak athlete as well. He is strong. I think in the spring he played a little inside and outside. He has the speed to play outside and the strength to play inside and sometimes that quickness on the inside can confuse some of those guys who are used to go against big 300 pounders. So he can definitely present some problems with the pass rush and I look forward to seeing what he can do."

Question: Is there a particular sort of element of them switching around the multiple fronts of the defense that makes it more difficult? Is it more difficult to figure out where the pressure is coming from?

Steve Schilling: "I think it just takes you to take more time in preparation. You never know what they could come out with. They could hit you with an odd (front) on first down or they could come out in a bear front or an even front or something. You just got to be ready for everything when the defense can do so many different things. It keeps you on your toes, which I guess is good."

Question: Could you imagine not playing Ohio State at the end of the year?

Steve Schilling: "No. I think it should always be played at the end of the year."

Question: Would it mean less or how would it be if you played the first weekend of October?

Steve Schilling: "It would take some of the importance away I'm sure. It is nice to have that game at the end of year. Both teams are kind of beaten up at the end of the year, but you get that extra little bit of energy to go in there against your rival. It would be nice to keep it at the end of the year even if there was a championship game afterwards. I think it is part of the tradition to play at the end of the year."

Question: Would it take away from the rivalry at all if you played it twice a row?

Steve Schilling: "I think that would be exciting and I would love to see that. My redshirt year when we played at the end of the year, there was talk of a rematch in the National Championship. I think obviously everyone around here wanted to see that, as we had lost that game. Whichever team loses will want to see that. It will present another element to that game and you just had played a week or two before that and you got to come out there again, it is real fresh in your mind."

Question: Troy (Woolfolk) mentioned that he plays with a chip on his shoulder because you guys haven't beaten him in so long. Does it bother you a lot?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah absolutely. When you come to Michigan and you play in that game you want to beat Ohio State and we haven't. They've gotten the best of us for a long time. I feel for guys like Chad (Henne), Mike (Hart) and Jake (Long) who never got to beat them either when they were here. We are not only playing for ourselves but all those guys before us that were some of the greatest players at Michigan but did not get to beat Ohio State. My last year, it is definitely going to be a game that we are going to star on our schedule."

Question: You obviously know Justin Boren pretty well. Do you talk to him at all still? Do you guys have a relationship or is that something that ended?

Steve Schilling: "I haven't spoken with him since he left."

Question: What's the feeling now? It's been a couple of years. Is that something that you guys never talk about.

Steve Schilling: "I prefer not to."

Question: Does it bother you?

Steve Schilling: "He made his choice. I don't know how you can transfer from Michigan to Ohio State. He made the decision for himself and what's best for him and his family. Obviously, they have success down there with the team…I wish him the best, but we don't stay in touch any more."

Question: Does anybody on the team still talk to him?

Steve Schilling: "Carlos (Brown) was good friends with him. I think he still talks to him. A couple of other guys, he was friends with some of the older guys because he had gotten in there early. There are still some guys that talk to him, yeah."

Question: Do you think Coach Rodriguez has the same kind of chip on his shoulder that you players have?

Steve Schilling: "Probably, but we've been here longer than him. I'm sure he wants to beat them and they are our biggest rival. It would be a great win for the program to end that streak and get that win back. Every year we want to beat Ohio State."

Question: Do you think a win over them (Ohio State) would make a lesser record, beef it up a little bit?

Steve Schilling: "I've heard that. People say that you can go 1 and 11 as long as you beat Ohio State. I would like to beat Ohio State, but I would not like to go 1 and 11 with that my only win though. As far as I'm concerned every game is important and right now we're focusing on UCONN and the early part of the season and we'll worry about Ohio State when we get there."

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