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Captain Mark Moundros on playing linebacker, senior leadership, the closeness of the team, and much more.

Question: Mark can you talk about your teammates and giving you this honor. Was it really needed as far as the seniors being able to communicate with the coaching staff?

Mark Moundros: "Sure. I think the whole senior class thought it was necessary for us to have two captains to being the season and it is a great honor and I'm very humble to be selected by the team."

Question: Who did you call first when you found out?

Mark Moundros: "I texted my mom and dad. We don't get too much time, so I went right home and just texted them and went straight to sleep."

Question: Tell a little bit about the energy that you've seen in the first week of practice and how encouraged are you by it?

Mark Moundros: "I'm very encouraged. I think we're very hungry. We're ready to prove ourselves this year."

Question: Where have you been? Have you been spending more time at linebacker or at fullback?

Mark Moundros: "More time at linebacker, like the spring."

Question: How is that going for you?

Mark Moundros: "It's going great. I mean I love defense. Like I said before, I think I have always had a defensive mindset and I love just working on that side of the ball with the guys around me. I love defense."

Question: It is no secret that you guys have struggled defensively, have you seen signs that you're making progress towards…?

Mark Moundros: "Definitely. I think we have some good schemes and we're working together and that is key for defensive side of the ball. Everyone filling their gaps and knowing their assignments."

Question: In retrospect, do you wish you had gone to linebacker earlier in your career?

Mark Moundros: "No I don't regret any decisions that I've made. I'm happy where I'm at right now and I'm looking forward to this season."

Question: How many snaps do you think you could play in a game both ways?

Mark Moundros: "As many as it helps us to win."

Question: A lot of youth in the secondary; how are those guys doing in terms of not making mistakes?

Mark Moundros: "They're doing great. We're all learning every day and that's key. Just getting better, every day and definitely the mistakes have been limited already in the first week and that will continue up to the first game. I'm really excited about the energy that those guys bring as well from our secondary."

Question: You've seen the offensive lineman on both side of the ball; what can you tell us about their progress and who stands out to you?

Mark Moundros: "They all stand out. The front five, I think we got a great line this year and we have some depth too. To pick out one guy, you could go down the line and they all have their capabilities, they all have potential. Steve Schilling, a great leader on that side of the ball and David Molk at center, you got Patrick Omameh, who has just worked his butt off all summer to get bigger and stronger and Perry Dorrestein and Mark Huyge on the edges. It is really exciting to see all those guys work and then there is rotation, guys that don't always play the same position, they rotate around. It's really fun to watch that side of the football. I think they've done a great job."

Question: Mark are you becoming more and more convinced that your switch to linebacker that you are a linebacker that could compete and Greg Robinson told us yesterday that you are in the mix. Is that becoming more and more of a reality and when did that become a reality?

Mark Moundros: "I think I've always had the mindset to compete every day as hard as I can and play to the best of my ability wherever that put me. Right now, I'm just competing as hard as I can and making the guys around me better. Competition only makes you better and at that middle linebacker positions, Obi Ezeh and Kenny Demens are great linebackers and we're all just competing really hard with each other and making each other better."

Question: Mike Martin and Will Campbell up front, do you envision those guys playing along side of each other; how is that shaping up?

Mark Moundros: "We have different schemes, different defenses. They are both great players. They both bring power and strength to that front line. I'm really excited to see both those guys play this year."

Question: When you came to Michigan could you envision sitting here as the captain as the team?

Mark Moundros: "I really didn't look that far ahead. You kind of just take one day at a time, especially as a walk on coming in. You just know that you got to work day in and day out to try and earn your spot and try to get the coaches to notice you and I think I just took it one day at a time and worked as hard as I possibly could every day."

Question: What kind of statement do you think it makes that a walk on can be a captain at Michigan?

Mark Moundros: "I'm not sure. I've told all the seniors this, Steve and I may be captains, but I guarantee that every senior got at least one vote from another player in this room and that means one player looks up to that senior and he has to lead for that one player. He has to lead by example for that player, that one player that looks up to him. We're going to lead as seniors. I'm very humbled. I'm very honored to have this privilege to be the captain, but we're going to lead as a senior class."

Question: When you were at fullback, was middle linebacker was not one of the guys that you were keying on, especially on run plays?

Mark Moundros: "Some run plays, but you key the safeties, you key outside linebackers. It all depends on the play really."

Question: Now that you are not part of the running backs technically, can you give an evaluation of how those guys are progressing through the first few days of practice that you've seen?

Mark Moundros: "Like I've said before, everyone brings a different dimension to the game. Mike Cox brings power and also a little bit of speed. Then you have Vincent Smith who is quick and cuts on a dime and you can just go on and on. Mike Shaw with his speed and Fitz Toussaint, Stephen Hopkins who is a bigger back can bring that dimension can get those hard earned yards. I'm really excited to see how this all plays out. Like I said, we're in the first week and we're continuing to improve and all those running backs are continuing to improve every day."

Question: What can you point to that gives you the most confidence that this year will be different than the last two?

Mark Moundros: "Just our hungry and desire, our willingness to work together, working the system and our willingness to trust each other."

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