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Captain Steve Schilling on Dave Molk, on the running backs, on the quarterbacks, on the heat ... and more.

Question: Steve whose idea was it to approach Rich Rodriguez about the captain's thing and where you one of those guys?

Steve Schilling: "We've had four or five senior meetings this summer, kind of getting together and in one of them came up. I'm not exactly sure who brought it up, but we talked about it on more than one occasion and kind of realized that it was something that we wanted to do. So we asked Coach Rodriguez to come to one of our meetings towards the end of the summer and told him what we were talking about and that is one of the things."

Question: As far as team unity, what does that mean having two guys that you know have been picked to be leaders, captains?

Steve Schilling: "I think sometimes it might make it easier having just two voices at the top of the players, but all the seniors are leaders and Mark (Moundros) and still look to the rest of the senior class to be leaders and to be captains in a way that they would be if we didn't have permanent captains. It is nice to have two guys…you can easily look at one guy instead of having to maybe hear different things from 16 or 17 different guys, it is a little bit easier."

Question: So you guys are kind of like the go between the coaching staffs and players sometimes?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah. Us and the rest of our seniors."

Question: Coach has to leave tomorrow to go for the NCAA meeting, how do you guys as captains and leaders try to keep this from becoming a distraction for the team?

Steve Schilling: "It is good that we get to get out of early in practice. The coach will still be there for practice. The schedule was able to be rearranged so that he was not going to miss any practice time and so that won't effect us. I think most of the guys by now have kind of forgotten about that or put it on the backburner, it has been going on for so long and it is coming to an end with an NCAA decision. Most guys now that we're in camp, we're focusing on playing football and getting ready for UCONN. So it has not really been affecting the team at all."

Question: Have you been paying attention each step of the way at all?

Steve Schilling: "I see the headlines or the ticker on ESPN and what not but it is not something that really concerns me and I know Coach Rodriguez and our staff are going to deal with that. They tell us just worry about playing football and so that is what we do."

Question: Talk about having (David) Molk back to you and how smooth is the offense running?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah it is definitely good to have David back, it has been a while. He kind of didn't realize how long it had been until he was back there and it was almost a year now. It is good to have him back, shaking off some rust and getting back out there and playing. Everybody is kind of getting back ready to work with each other and you can definitely see it coming. We're getting better each and every day. Obviously, we only had shoulder pads on for two days, so it is kind of hard to gage right now but we are getting better."

Question: You've part of a couple different offensive lines here over your career; how does this group rank in terms of potential compared to the last three or four years?

Steve Schilling: "I think the potential is really high, considering we have so much depth too, a lot of experience. I read a stat the other day that said we have, I do not remember how many, 50 some starts combined or 60 some starts combined. So it is great to have that experience and there are a lot of young guys that can play too. In terms of overall depth, it is probably the deepest line that I've played on."

Question: As far as pace, you're in the third year of the system now, can you see where your progression was a lot quicker than in year one?

Steve Schilling: "A lot quicker. We know so much more, especially some of us on the offensive line that have played all three years under Coach Rodriguez. The meetings with Coach Frey go a lot easier. We know what we are doing. We're able to make our corrections a lot faster on the field and it helps us run a littler (more) smoothly."

Question: Can you assess how the quarterbacks are doing in practice?

Steve Schilling: "As well as an offensive lineman can assess a quarterback I guess. They're all working hard and playing. Obviously, only a couple of days in. To me they look good. They are running around and throwing, but obviously, like I said, I don't really know all the time what they are supposed to do. The offense has made some big plays and it looks good to me."

Question: Which of the quarterbacks have you been working with the most?

Steve Schilling: "We've worked with all three actually. Getting reps with Tate (Forcier), Denard (Robinson) and Devin (Gardner)."

Question: How have the conditions been heat wise and are you guys feeling okay out there?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah. We've had some guys cramping and stuff towards the end of practice, which you see every year with camp. It's been hot but guys have been pushing through and I think for the most part doing better than I would think with the heat, so I'm pretty pleased."

Question: Competition at running back, can you sense that these guys really took it serious through the summer knowing what they were in for?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah. A lot of those guys worked really hard this summer, dedicated themselves in the chance to be the guy. So far through camp, I couldn't tell you who has been running with the ones the most because there are so many different guys cycled in there and everybody is getting reps with every group, trying to prove to Coach Jackson, Coach Magee and Coach Rodriguez that they could be the guys. So it is exciting to have them all back there competing because it just brings the best out of all of them."

Question: Can you tell what some of them do in particular well at the running back?

Steve Schilling: "We have a good mix I think. Mike Cox and Stephen Hopkins are our bigger backs. They can hit it up inside more and Vincent Smith can get to the outside. Fitzgerald Toussaint is almost in between. He can hit it hard and he has got some speed and obviously Mike Shaw, we've seen him speed in the last couple of years. It is exciting when you have so many different backs that can do so many different things."

Question: Can you assess where Vince is with his comeback?

Steve Schilling: "He looks good to me. He looks like he is running hard and he can run inside and out and it doesn't look like the knee is affecting him at all."

Question: Personality wise, can you talk about how Tate is responding? There has been a lot said about him in since the spring and how he has responded even most recently to Troy's (Woolfolk) comments about a week ago?

Steve Schilling: "Tate has been working hard and he hasn't really been saying much. He is trying to get out there and prove to the team that can be our quarterback and he has been working really hard and doing what the coaches tell him to do and to get out there every and trying to prove to the team that he can do what it takes to be the quarterback."

Question: What did have the most to prove? Was it in terms of leadership or showing up and being rah-rah?

Steve Schilling: "He is here every day working hard. We see him working hard and that's a good thing. Obviously, Troy's comments may could have affected him in a way, but he is here now and he is playing and he is there every day and he is working hard. That's all we can ask for him, is to get better every day for the team. That's what I see out of Tate these first four days."

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