Michigan Ranks High with Robinson

After breaking the news of his Michigan offer to GoBlueWolverine Saturday, Saint John (IN) Lake Central SF Glenn Robinson III went in depth about his visit experience, the Wolverines standing on his list, his decision timetable and more. Is Michigan now the team to beat for "the Big Dog's" son?

Glenn Robinson III Profile

Sam Webb:So you got an offer from Michigan today?

Glenn Robinson:  "Yeah I just came down there this morning and took a tour and everything and at the end they offered.  Coach Beilein was in there, Coach Meyer was in there, Coach Jordan; they all in there just sitting down and then after we got done with the film, he sat across from me and mom and started talking.  He said earlier, I was telling you that I like to sit face to face and if I was offer him a scholarship and I want to offer him a scholarship now and sat it down there on the table.  You have my number and just keep in contact with me.  If you want to do it today, you can but there is not going to be any pressure on you.  You do it whenever you feel like if you want to.  I think he said, (you'd be a) great addition to this school and everything.  Laid it (offer) on the table."

Sam Webb:  Did you know going into the process that they were going to offer you or did it catch you by surprise?

Glenn Robinson:  "I kind of figured that because I've been talking to Coach Meyer and he was saying that when they offer people, they like to do it in front of you, face to face.  I kind of thought, but I wasn't sure, so it was still kind of a surprise."

Sam Webb:  Who all who came with you?

Glenn Robinson:  "It was my mom, my grandma, and my cousin."

Sam Webb:  You said that they took you on a tour… what all did you guys see?

Glenn Robinson:  "We saw the whole campus.  We saw the dorms, the academic side, stuff like the academic study hall and dining room where they eat and everything.  We basically went through basically the whole campus."

Sam Webb:  How did your mom like it?

Glenn Robinson:  "Mom liked it too.  She made a couple of comments that she thought I would fit in well here and everything, but she liked it.  She liked the school and especially the academic part.  (talked over) but she is about the academics and she found out they were really good too."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to see them practice at all?

Glenn Robinson:  "I saw them practice this morning.  That's what we did first."

Sam Webb:  How did the team look to you?

Glenn Robinson:  "They looked very good.  Like coach was saying, they are kind of young, but they looking pretty good."

Sam Webb:  Did Coach Beilein sort of show you how or where you would you would fit in with them?

Glenn Robinson:  "Yeah he did.  He said the way they like to do the offense, they like to share the ball and they always constantly moving, so they really don't have…they really only have one big man, so I would fit two through four.  He would basically like me at the three.  He thinks I'm good about 6'5" to 6'8" at the three and working inside and out.   He was showing me on the film, he was showing me some clips of Manny Harris coming off screens.  He thought that I would fit in and could do some of the stuff that he did and the passing that he would do.  He said that I had good vision, coming off the screens and everything he does, so two or three."

Sam Webb:  You got a chance to spend a little bit of time with the team; what did you think of those guys once you got a chance to meet and talk to them?

Glenn Robinson:  "They were all pretty cool.  They just came up to introduce themselves and talking to me.  After their practice they showered or whatever and they came to eat lunch with us, a couple came to eat lunch.   They seemed really nice.  Is Penny Hardaway's son on the team?"

Sam Webb:  Not Penny but Tim Hardaway's son.

Glenn Robinson:  "Yeah he came to eat with us and Darrius (Morris) came to eat with us.  They were pretty cool.  Just talking and everything."

Sam Webb:  What other schools do you have offers from?

Glenn Robinson:  "Missouri State, Indiana State, IU-PUI and Valparaiso."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to take any other visits before the school year starts or anything?

Glenn Robinson:  "I think I am going to take the tour of Butler when I get back I think.  Xavier was talking about me coming down there, but I'm not sure yet, I might."

Sam Webb:  Do you sort of feel like those two schools or any other schools are maybe on the verge of offering you too?

Glenn Robinson:  "Yes.  I think Butler is on the verge of an offer.  That might be what they want to get down there for.  I'm not sure, but I think maybe."

Sam Webb:  On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate this Michigan visit for you?

Glenn Robinson:  "A 9, 9.5.  I really like them.  I like all the coaches.  They good people and they really know how to do stuff down there.  I really like Michigan and they are probably my #1 right now."

Sam Webb:  I don't know if you've thought about this but do you sort of have a timeline, a moment where you hope to have this recruiting over with?

Glenn Robinson:  "I'm not sure yet.  I'll probably make a decision probably after next AAU season."

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