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The offensive guard goes over all of the competition on the offensive line.

Question: The offensive line is the most experienced group; does that mean you guys are the most ahead?

Patrick Omameh: "I wouldn't say we were the most ahead as far as knowledge of what we're doing, but we probably have the most ahead as far as leadership is concerned, at least on that side of the ball."

Question: What does it mean for you guys as a group to have David Molk back at center?

Patrick Omameh: "It is huge, especially since we're not too deep at center right now with the loss of a few guys, guys coming back and guys leaving. Molk brings depth, experience and leadership, like I already spoke about before. So it is huge. He is also one of the best centers that is around."

Question: How is chemistry on the interior offensive line with Dave, Steve, and yourself?

Patrick Omameh: "The chemistry is pretty good. I had never actually played guard next to day until this fall because he was out when I started last fall and he was out all spring. Right off the bat, things were clicking and we were working together all summer. It has been pretty good."

Question: Any of the running backs that you are blocking for, stood out and impressed you so far?

Patrick Omameh: "I would say everybody has had an impressive day or play. I've seen everybody do something impressive to me every day since camp started. I'm excited to see what they are going to do once the season hits."

Question: Why you sweating, you just got done working out?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah, we just got out of practice. I don't know sweating is kind of my thing (laughter)."

Question: Talk about at right tackle, who is practicing there next to you and who has really looked good so far?

Patrick Omameh: "Next to me, we've had Perry Dorrestein, (Mark) Huyge has been there a little bit and Michael Schofield has been there a little bit. Everybody is working and everybody is improving and it is really fair game. I feel like any of those three I would be confident playing next to me."

Question: Can you tell a difference between Denard (Robinson) this year and a year ago in terms of what he knows and how he runs things?

Patrick Omameh: "I feel like his knowledge of what we're trying to do has definitely progressed. It is evident in the way he commands the offense and he still has the same things that we know him for, his speed, his quickness and combine that with his knowledge of what we're trying to do as an offense, I would say that he is a lot more dangerous than he was."

Question: How has your own knowledge improved over the last year or so since you have been starting?

Patrick Omameh: "My knowledge has definitely improved, especially through talking to the other interior lineman, Dave Molk, Steven Schilling, older more experienced. They are better at catching on to things since they have been playing college football longer. I think it has really caught me u p to speed."

Question: You didn't mention Taylor Lewan, he is over at left tackle and if that is the position he is at, who is battling with him?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah Taylor Lewan is battling at left tackle. He is competing with Mark Huyge for the most part right now and that is pretty wide open too. They are both working hard. You can tell that they are both wanting it and it is exciting to see how it is going to turn out."

Question: What have you seen from Vincent Smith and his comeback?

Patrick Omameh: "He was lost late last season and he was out all spring, but him coming back, not only adds depth to our backfield, but it adds experience. He's an elusive guy. I do not know if the defensive really likes going up against him, but it is great to have him back."

Question: Does it seem like he is affected by that still?

Patrick Omameh: "No. I have not seen any remnants of the injury at all. He seems like he is back to old Vince."

Question: With so many positions wide open, a couple of guys at right tackle, a couple of guys working next to you, does it make it hard to develop that continuity and develop that chemistry?

Patrick Omameh: "It really doesn't. As far as what you're trying to do, we're coached for our technique to be the same so you're pretty much know what either guy on either side of you is going to be doing every play regardless of who is actually playing the position."

Question: Patrick, you started playing a lot towards the end of last season; where there any surprises once you got in?

Patrick Omameh: "The guys were pretty big (laughter). I was playing tackle up to that point, so it was usually smaller defensive ends, quick guys off the edge and then my first week at guard, I started…yeah Big Ten D-tackles are little bigger than the D-ends. I guess I ‘m used to that. We've got some pretty big D-tackles ourselves."

Question: How are you doing maintaining your weight in all the heat and workouts?

Patrick Omameh: "I'm doing pretty well. Like I said, I'm a sweater, I lose every day, but I'm pretty good at putting it all back on. At the beginning of every day, almost every day I'm almost spot on where I started."

Question: You still at 295?

Patrick Omameh: "No actually, a couple of days ago I was 300, yesterday 299, 298, but tomorrow I'm expecting tomorrow to be around 300 again."

Question: Can you talk about your body transformation, where you were when you got here and just where you're at now and the difficulty of doing that.

Patrick Omameh: "Where I was when I got here…I was about 251 pounds, a little guy. I came in and worked with Mike Barwis the whole first summer and I'm still working with him now. I've made huge gains in strength and I don't know. The weight is just coming back. The only way I can that I'm heavy is by stepping on the scale. I still feel like and move like how I did when I came in and it feels good. The strength is evident when I play and I hope I keep on making gains like I have been."

Question: Has the training changed from when you were at tackle and now you inside, do you try to get more bulk?

Patrick Omameh: "I don't know if I'm trying to get more bulk…I guess overall I'm just trying to get more bulk, especially since I came in so much smaller than what I am now. I wouldn't say I am trying to gain more specifically for guy than I was at tackle."

Question: It seems like a lot of guys on the O-line can play multiple positions, did you know that you would be able to play either one (guard or tackle)?

Patrick Omameh: "I had never practiced at guard before last year."

Question: You had never practiced it at all?

Patrick Omameh: "No. They threw me in there. I was meeting with my coach, Greg Frey almost every day just telling me…there is not too much different but there are little things that you have to be aware, but he caught me up on everything pretty quick and now I feel like I can play either one. I feel like I can play tackle guard of if I could snap center, since I know there calls and I know what they are working every plays on either side of me, I ‘m supposed to know where they are going."

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