Amaker & Players Discuss Loss

Following the match-up with Indiana, Head Coach Tommy Amaker, LaVell Blanchard, and Gavin Groninger met with the press to discuss the disappointing loss.

Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement:

"I am very proud of our team for the way they played. I thought we came prepared to play and gave a great effort throughout the 40 minutes. We could not hold the lead. Give a lot of credit to Indiana. (Tom) Coverdale and (A.J.) Moye were very difficult for us to guard with their toughness and their ability to make plays down the stretch. They grabbed some big rebounds. Moye, his aggressiveness around the rim and finishing three-point plays was big for them. We were not at full strength, but we gave it a great effort. I am very proud of this year and this team."

On Daniel Horton's injured ankle:

"We left it up to Daniel and our medical staff. I did not anticipate he would be able to play at all for us given his status earlier and at practice last night. I was surprised at his mobility and what he was able to do out on the court. I told him before he went out for warmups to test it out. You have a long career and there is no need to push anything if you feel you cannot do it. He decided to give it a shot and I thought he played a lot of minutes. I did not think he was going to play at all."

On the play of LaVell Blanchard and Bernard Robinson Jr.:

"I thought they both played very well in the first half. Those two players do a lot for us and obviously play a lot of minutes. I think they might have gotten a little fatigued in the second half, especially with the turnovers. Bernard was not able to finish around the rim as much as usual for us tonight but I am very pleased with his overall play. He had 11 rebounds, eight assists, just a tremendous all-around game, in addition to playing defense on the other end."

LaVell Blanchard

On maintaining the lead:

"I don't think any lead is really secure. In the end I didn't think we came up with the big rebounds we needed. Playing the game of basketball means there are going to be runs. Sometimes you can't stop them and that's the way the game goes."

On his perspective on the season:

"We've always been focused on taking things one game at a time. At times this was a difficult year, but it was also a beautiful year. We started working together and got closer as a team. You have to credit the players and the coaching staff who worked hard and made it like we could go to the tournament in every game."

Gavin Groninger

On his senior season:

"It is a little disappointing to have it end the way it did, especially for the seniors. We gave a whole lot of effort tonight and all season. We became a better team and I can't imagine a better group of guys. There were some special kids on this team and there will be some special kids coming back next year."

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