Michigan's Pro Day Results

Michigan's graduating seniors were timed and measured Friday at Michigan Stadium at the Michigan Pro Day. Former Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet tells us what happens on Pro Day. And here are Friday's results as well (some printed nowhere else thus far).

Ouimet: "Scouts, GM's and some pro position coaches come for Pro Day. It's a meat market for the scouts, basically. First they first make measurements - height and weight. Then the guys run the 40 yard dash: most run two or three heats, whatever they choose. Forty times all hand-times by the scouts, etc. (NFL Combine times are electronic). They also do a vertical jump, a standing broad jump, a twenty-yard shuttle, and a cone drill. And they do bench press reps of 225 lbs."

"Then some position coaches will want to work specific players out. Drills, passes, pass routes. A position coach will work a player out if he is looking for someone at that specific position."

"Some schools let agents in, others like Michigan won't. And underclass players want to be there to just watch it. And for players not invited to the NFL combine, this is their chance."

Here are Friday's U-M Pro Day Results.

WR Ronald Bellamy posted an average of 4.45 sec. for his 40's (4.42 was his fastest). He had a 35-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-11 long jump. He ran the short shuttle (20-yard) in 4.05 sec. and the three-cone drill in 6.86 sec.

SS Charles Drake averaged 4.40 sec. for his 40's (4.38 was his fastest) and ran a 4.39 sec. short shuttle (20-yard) and 7.11 in the three-cone drill. He had a 32-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-7 long jump.

FS Cato June ran a 4.60 sec. but pulled up with a leg injury so he couldn't run again. He didn't do the vertical or long jump. He ran a 4.09 sec. short shuttle (20-yard), a 7.14 sec. in the three-cone drill, and benched 225 lbs. 23 times.

RB B.J. Askew worked out with a broken left hand that was in a cast. He posted a 4.60 sec. average (4.57 was his fastest) for his 40s, had a 35-inch vertical jump, and a 10-foot-1 long jump. He ran a 4.13 sec. in the short shuttle (20-yard) and 6.84 sec. in the three-cone drill.

SS Julius Curry ran once (4.57 sec.) then pulled up lame. He benched 225 lbs. 31 times and had a 34-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-8 long jump.

LB Victor Hobson averaged 4.60 sec. for his 40's (4.58 was his fastest). He ran a 4.20 sec. short shuttle (20-yard) and 7.09 sec. on the three-cone drill.

TE Bennie Joppru averaged 4.78 for his 40's (4.74 was his fastest). He had a 30-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot-3 long jump, and was timed at 4.50 sec. in the short shuttle (20-yard) and 7.31 in the three-cone drill.

Three Michigan players not at the combine.

OL Dave Petruziello averaged 5.32 sec. for his 40's.

CB Brandon Williams averaged 4.4 sec. in the 40 (4.37 was his fastest), 4.31 sec. in the short shuttle and 7.18 sec. in the three-cone drill. He had a 37-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot long jump.

DE Shantee Orr was timed at 4.8 and 4.6 secs. in two 40 heats. He did an outstanding 4.0 sec. shuttle, and a good 6.9 cone drill. He also did 28 reps of 225 lbs. Ouimet: "I'm sure he impressed scouts. He also has tremendous wing span."

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