Forcier Responds to Being "Called Out"

Michigan sophomore quarterback spoke to the media for the first time this season and discussed the recent adversity he has faced. He reflects on being called out by Troy Woolfolk, transfer rumors, the battle the starting quarterback job, and more.

Question:  Is there a little more pressure on this team this year and do you think that can help you guys?

Tate Forcier:  "We just go by: it is another season.  Last year, we didn't do so well, but last year is behind us and our coaches are doing a great job of preparing us and I think our team is ready."

Question:  Has there ever been a thought of transferring at all?

Tate Forcier:  "No.  I don't know how that got out there but it is not even a thought.  I love Coach Rod.  He's like another dad to me."

Question:  Why weren't you around the team as much as you should have been…?

Tate Forcier:  "I was just really focusing on academics just trying to get my academics straight and that's what I'm shooting for.  I want to be on the academic wall and hopefully I can get that this semester."

Question:  How is that going?

Tate Forcier:  "It's going real well.  I found out I did real well in my class this summer and just progressing."

Question:  Did it take you by surprise the people questioning you?

Tate Forcier:  "The success we had last year was minimal and so I think people are going to…I think our success needs to gain for a lot of people to kind of back off.  I think if we keep doing better, I think everything is going to call down."

 Question: What has been the biggest motivational factor for you this offseason?

Tate Forcier:  "Last December, when I was watching everybody on TV at the bowl games.  (wind noise) had to bite my tongue on that.  I think everybody is striving to be the best this season and I think we have a good season ahead us."

Question:  Do you think the starting job is yours to lose?

Tate Forcier:  "Like I said, I think it is up to Coach Rod.  It is an open competition and like I said all the quarterbacks are doing a great job and we're all just trying to push each other."

Question:  How much better do you think you are now than you were a year ago?

Tate Forcier:  "That's kind of like I said, freshman year is behind me.  A lot of those mistakes are going to be gone.  It is my job in my second year, sophomore year to correct those mistakes and be a better quarterback."

Question:  Going from starter to I guess being in a three way tie now; what has that done to your confidence?

Tate Forcier:  "It hasn't really done anything.  A quarterback has to have confidence and I think all three of us do.  I think that is what is going to help this team.  I think we can win with any of us at quarterback.  It is our job to keep pushing each other and make each other better."

Question:  Ball security is that a huge emphasis this year for…everyone I guess?

Tate Forcier:  "Ball security is everything in any game.  If you turn the ball over, you're most likely to lose.  Coach has done a great job….we got hit here and there throughout practice and I think it helped us.  Spring ball really helped us.  I think they are doing a great job of making sure that the ball is going to be protected this year."

Question:  Why do you think that you should be the starting quarterback?

Tate Forcier:  "It's Michigan.  It is my dream and if Coach Rod decides to choose me than he does and if not, it is pretty much whoever he chooses.  As long as we win, it is a win for Michigan.  Coach Rod has done a great job of showing me that."

Question:  Do you feel like you've been challenged?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah he has and he told me that he was going to.  I think Coach Rod has done a great job at it and it is only making me better, so I can't be bad at it."

Question:  What did you do when the helmet was wingless; what did you do to earn them back?  What was your focus?

Tate Forcier:  "I actually just something my dad always told me, ‘actions speak louder than words'.  I just stayed quiet and did all the work and made sure that everybody saw me doing the work.  I was the first one on the practice field, last one off.  Whatever it took and I got it back and I am happy."

Question:  Doesn't that apply to the whole team in a way in terms of answering the people don't think that you can do what you want to be able to this year?

Tate Forcier:  "I think I gained a lot of our team's confidence back.  I think that is good because as a quarterback, you got to have a team's confidence.  I think a lot of competition that me, Devin (Gardner) and Denard (Robinson) has been going through, I think has helped us in a way and it is only going to get better from here."

Question:  How about the people that don't think that this team as a team can rise up and get over the hump?

Tate Forcier:  "People can think what they want.  They don't see what's going on in these buildings every day like all us players do.  It is our job to show them on September 4th."

Question:  Going back to the offseason, did you think that you didn't have to work as hard as your teammates?

Tate Forcier:  "I wouldn't say that.  I would just say that I slacked off and like I said that's a big maturity part.  My freshman year is behind me and that shouldn't happen again."

Question:  Your shoulder is good?

Tate Forcier:  "Shoulder is good, feel great."

Question:  From the outside when people see there is not one starting quarterback does that mean no one has risen up or do you think more because the three of you are so equal?

Tate Forcier:  "I think any three of us could go out there and lead the team.  The coaches are going to decide who.  They've been doing this for years.  That's their job.  Whoever they decide who is going to do the best to help Michigan to win that is what it is."

Question:  You said you talked to Troy (Woolfolk) and had a conversation with you; was that before he made his comments?

Tate Forcier:  "It was after.  He is injured and I stopped by his hotel room every day.  Because ever since that day since he called me out, I have felt like I'm obligated to show him and to show the rest of the seniors that I'm all in on this team and it is all about Michigan."

Question:  How did you hear about what he said?

Tate Forcier:  "I actually heard through my parents.  It is not something to laugh about, but it is behind us and we're just looking to keep moving forward as a team and getting better."

Question:  When you first confronted, were you mad?

Tate Forcier:  "No not at all.  Like I said, seniors are the leaders of this team, whatever they say, they can say, it is up to them.  We're supposed to just follow them and they are going to lead this team and I think they are doing a great job at it."

Question:  Do you think it was it fair?

Tate Forcier:  "That part of being a quarterback I think.  I feel get more love than you deserve and I think you get a lot more hate than you deserve.  I think that is part of being a quarterback and I've been doing this my whole life.  So I'm pretty used to it."

Question:  How does that fuel to get better?

Tate Forcier:  "It is football.  If you're not just hyped up all the time, I don't think this is the sport for you."

Question:  If the seniors are the leaders and they are saying these things about you; how much does that propel you to be a leader on this team?

Tate Forcier:  "A lot.  Like I said, Troy called me out and I'm going to take that challenge and I'm going to show this team that I'm a quarterback."

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