Miller Preparing For First Michigan Season

The talented early-enrollee spent some time with GoBlueWolverine at Michigan's media day to discuss the quarterbacks, the depth at outside receiver, and how the wideouts will be used in this year's offense.

Ricardo Miller is a name that almost all Michigan fans are completely familiar with already, even though he has yet to play his first down for the Wolverines. A recruiter and unofficial public speaker for the 2010 recruiting class, Miller caught up with GoBlueWolverine about his first camp with the Maize and Blue.

"It's going pretty good," Miller told GBW. "The team is looking well and I feel like we're going to have a really good year this year. We've been going hard all of camp, and we're about two weeks in with another week left. We're just really focused on this season."

One of the most popular questions to date has been about the race at quarterback between Michigan's highly touted, albeit young, quarterbacks. Miller, for his part, isn't giving anything away.

"Honestly, everyone has been making strides. Denard, Devin and Tate, basically everyone has been at the finish line. They're all going hard and it's tough to say who's really shining the brightest. We'll see at the start of the season who will gets the start."

Miller, an early enrollee, went through the Wolverines spring ball, but was admittedly far ahead of where he was even a few short months ago.

"I feel a lot better than what I did back in the spring. I was basically clueless about the plays, formations or coverage's. But now, through this camp headed into the season, I just feel a whole lot more comfortable. I know basically all the plays now and all the nervous, jittery feelings are out of me. I'm just ready to play."

Though he says he isn't nervous, those feelings will surely come back in less than two weeks when he touches the banner against the Connecticut Huskies.

"You already know (laughing). Anytime you have a chance to play in front of 110,000 people and the crowds like that. It all erases. But it's going to be amazing and I can't wait. You know, 30,000 was a little bit during the spring game but it's nothing compared to what it will be come September 4th."

Another story line of this years summer camp has been the emergence and maturation of junior wideout Daryl Stonum, something that hasn't escaped Miller.

"DC has been kind of my big brother, outside of Roy Roundtree, and he's definitely making strides this year in camp. He's just been going hard and he seems like an entirely new DC. He's the kind of guy who can make some big plays for us this year and he's taken me under his wing, helping me with plays or blocking schemes that I don't understand. He's definitely been making an impact on me and on the team, and we're all waiting to see what he does this year."

Though the core is young and relatively inexperienced, Michigan has built itself solid depth on the outside position.

"Like you said, you mentioned Je'Ron, DC and Junior and you've got myself, Jeremy and Jerald who are getting reps. It's going to be awfully exciting to see what we can do with this depth. I think any one of us can make plays and coach can use all of us, but there's only going to be a couple of us that can get out on the field and play and make strides. That's what's great about camp, getting out there to make plays and see which one of us can make it happen."

And the Wolverines will look to use that talent and depth this year as an integral part of the offense.

"Coach Rod definitely wants to throw and use the ball this year and he has the past few years. I think he finally has the guys now though to do that and to make sure he has the big time receivers that can go make those plays for him this year."

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