Roundtree Prepares For 2010

Michigan's returning leading wide receiver chats with GoBlueWolverine about the team, the upcoming 2010 season and the fans of the Wolverines.

Roy Roundtree was an unknown recruiting coup a few years back for Rich Rodriguez. Now, the 6'0" 176 pound top returning receiver is going through his third fall camp, preparing for 2010.

"Camp has been going good, man, just having a lot of fun out there," Roundtree told GoBlueWolverine. "We're hitting everybody, but it's been fun these last days as we get headed back and focused for UConn, and just getting focused. Right now, everybody is on their grind."

However, rumors from the former weekend scrimmage were of dismay, as the team didn't perform to optimal levels, but Roundtree has an explanation.

"It was like watered down (laughing). The rain affected everything too. But we had the young guys in there and got them running around."

On the plus side, Roundtree was completely taken aback by the renovations to the bigger and better Big House.

"I walked in there and I was just amazed. You could still hear the echoes and everything. But usually when you're on the field you just tune out and focus. It's crazy how the Big House looks now."

In a very important season for Rich Rodriguez and company, Roundtree has no personal expectations, and is seemingly about a theme reigning from the Bo Schembechler days, "The Team."

"For myself, I don't really have any. But for the team, it's always winning the Big Ten. For everybody on this team to go hard, because we need to run down that tunnel with a hard edge and run back up it with a hard edge. We just have to get this season started."

Asked what it will take to have a successful season, Roundtree's answer was short and to the point.

"I don't know, we just have to get in there and play some football. I have no predictions, but hopefully everybody that plays on this squad goes out there and gives 110 percent. Hopefully we come up that tunnel winners."

As the season nears, Roundtree is anxious to get everything started.

"I'm so pumped man. In camp, we're struggling and sore all the time, but when we see 110,000 at the Big House on September 4th. It's going to be amazing to have all of that energy and it will make it easier to go 110 percent."

Sharing the media day with fan day following, Roundtree and the rest of the Wolverines are ready to energize the legion of Wolverines.

"Yeah, it energizes us a lot. It just shows that Blue Nation is always behind us. It's not even the sunniest day, it's kind of chilly. But they're coming out here to support us, so we're always pumped and energized when they do."

Even in a hot seat season, Roundtree knows what it will take to take the heat off.

"Pressure? No, we're at Michigan. There will always be pressure at Michigan. We just have to go out and play. The best things always happen when you just go out and play your hardest."

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