Wilson Sees Michigan in New Light

Michigan ranked as somewhat of an afterthought in the recruitment of Flint (MI) Carman Ainsworth wing Anton Wilson for much of the summer. That all, however, when the 6-5, 175-pound shooter visited Wolverines before they departed for their European exhibition tour. The c/o 2012 prospect came away from the trip extremely impressed.

Sam Webb:  So how did your trip to Michigan go (Thursday, August 29th)?

Anton Wilson:  "It went great actually. It was great and I liked their staff and everything."

Sam Webb:  When we talked to you at the tournament up in Flint last month you weren't really feeling Michigan that much.  Has your opinion changed any now that you've been up there to talk to them?

Anton Wilson:  "Yeah it changed a lot."

Sam Webb:  What did they say to you and what made things change so quickly for you?

Anton Wilson:  "It just changed on the academics.  They showed that you're a person even though you're an athlete.  Me and mom really showed us their study habits and all that."

Sam Webb:  I know you came down to Michigan for their elite camp but other than that,  was today your only other time visiting Michigan?

Anton Wilson:  "Yes."

Sam Webb:  So take me through the visit today.  Did you go on a tour or did you just watch practice?

Anton Wilson:  "I went on a tour.  They took me everything that I would be doing if I went there.  They took me to the academic center.  How the players do individual studies and (study table)."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk with them about how you would fit in on the court if you went there? 

Anton Wilson:  "I would basically be a two guard and do little things to help out the team like push the ball down the court since they've seen me play guard a couple of times.  Basically be a scorer and a rebounder for them."

Sam Webb:  Who is your Michigan recruiter?  Who do you talk to the most?

Anton Wilson:  "Coach (Lavall Jordan)."

Sam Webb:  So what is your vibe like with Coach Jordan?  What do you think of him?

Anton Wilson:  "Me and him have been cool since he was with Iowa.  Me and him have got a good relationship."

Sam Webb:  As far as an offer goes, did they talk to you about where that stands?

Anton Wilson:  "Yeah.  They said they are going to be watching me play this school year and then after that they are going to make a decision."

Sam Webb:  What other schools are you hearing from?

Anton Wilson:  "Ball State, USC, Central Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Rhode Island, Penn State, that's about it plus Baylor."

Sam Webb:  Any of those schools offered you scholarships yet?

Anton Wilson:  "Baylor, Central Michigan, Cleveland State and Rhode Island."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite at this point or a top list of schools?

Anton Wilson:  "Right now it is Michigan."

Sam Webb:  So you got Michigan at the top of your list.  What did your mom think of it?

Anton Wilson:  "She loved the academic center.  That's the only thing she was looking at."

Sam Webb:  So what's next for you?  Are you going to be taking any other visits before the school year starts or anything like that?

Anton Wilson:  "Probably not before the school year starts.  I'll probably go down to Baylor during Christmas break."

Sam Webb:  As far as your decision timeline goes, do you have in your mind when you would like to make your choice?

Anton Wilson:  "My senior year."

Sam Webb:  How did you do last year for your high school team… points, rebounds, assists…?

Anton Wilson:  "I averaged a little below 10 points, rebounds, I averaged a little below six and I averaged five assists a game and one steal."

Sam Webb:  I want you to talk to me a little bit about your game.  For people who have not see Anton Wilson's game on the floor, sort of describe yourself a little bit.  What do your bring to the table?

Anton Wilson:  "I bring a pure shooter, scorer and a rebounder.  I can make my own plays. I fit in as a scorer (at Carman Ainsworth).  I have to play defense.  I didn't really have to play point guard, but I work the ball around to help my teammates.  I was more of a passer than a scorer and a rebounder."

Sam Webb:  Is there a player in the college or the pros that you sort of compare yourself too?

Anton Wilson:  "College, there are so many."

Sam Webb:  Okay give me a couple that you might compare yourself too?

Anton Wilson:  "I would like to say a Manny Harris.  That was my favorite college player last year."

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