Robinson Brings Physical Presence

Marvin Robinson talks to GBW about getting into the two-deep as a freshman.

Sam Webb: Just talk to me about how you think things are going for you so far?

Marvin Robinson: "I think things are going pretty good. I've been quite impressive to the coaches. Just learning more about the techniques since switching position from free to strong/bandit type, more in the box now. Just getting the techniques down pat, plays and everything. I think I'm doing pretty good."

Sam Webb: One of the things that they've said about you is that you're picking up things pretty fast. Do you think that if they wanted you to, you could play either free or strong?

Marvin Robinson: "Yeah. I feel that I can play either. Free that is what I basically played in high school and now that I've been practicing strong/bandit, I've been picking up the plays and technique and everything. I think I'll be able to make the transition to both."

Sam Webb: What has been the toughest part of the transition for you so far from high school to college?

Marvin Robinson: "The college pace. It is much faster and plus you got to get more independent. That's been the most transition from high school to college."

Sam Webb: I know you go against bigger, stronger, faster guys here, but it really seems like that hasn't fazed you. It seems like you've been able to come in and bring a physical presence to the defense. Have you sort of sensed that?

Marvin Robinson: "Yeah. It is all about the mentality and I think I have great mentality on how to play the game of football and just use my athletic ability, along with what the coaches teach me."

Sam Webb: (Saturday), you had your first big scrimmage of the fall camp. How do you think you did individually?

Marvin Robinson: "I think I did pretty good. I got an interception and a couple of tackles. So I think I did pretty good."

Sam Webb: What about the defense as a whole? I know we were talking to Coach Rodriguez and he said that for the majority of fall camp you guys tackled well, but he didn't feel that you guys tackled as well yesterday?

Marvin Robinson: "Tackling was not real good, but I think as a whole we did pretty good. Just some things we need to work on, get back to basics and everything. More movement around the defense and we'll be alright."

Sam Webb: Who do you look at on defense as the guy you get behind, the guy that you follow… the guy is your leader?

Marvin Robinson: "Most the time I talk to Jonas Mouton, (Jordan) Kovacs. Anything I need, I ask him (Kovacs), he tells me what to do and what the right thing to do technique is. I talk to Mike Jones. We both from Florida, so we both got the same mindset. So those three."

Sam Webb: When Troy (Woolfolk) went down, did the defense as a whole feel more pressure?

Marvin Robinson: "Yeah we all felt that. Troy is a great player and when he went down, we just all felt that we had to step up. We can't just let that pull us back down. We got to step up. One man go down, the next man has to step up. It is all how we put it all together, step up and do our thing."

Sam Webb: You come with a talented freshman class. Is there anyone in particular you've looked at and said ‘yeah, he is ready to go… he is going to play too'?

Marvin Robinson: "I think I'm pretty impressed with Courtney Avery and Carvin Johnson. Courtney Avery, when I first seen him, he was smaller, but he is physical. Carvin has got great ball awareness and great hands and tackling. Those two, he does real good job of covering and everything."

Sam Webb: I want you to talk about this offense. Has it been a back and forth thing with the offense or are they really getting the best of you guys this fall camp?

Marvin Robinson: "Pretty much in practice, we have really been stopping them a lot. Sometimes we back and forth or whatever, but I think for the majority the defense has been winning the battle."

Sam Webb: How talented is that offense? How much of a problem do you think they are going to be for opposing defenses?

Marvin Robinson: "The fast paced tempo and everything, it is going to be different for the defenses, especially having a quarterback like Denard (Robinson), Tate (Forcier) and Devin (Gardner), all of them do it at quarterbacks. Then having slots, speed slots and quick slots, it is going to be real tough for other defenses."

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