Toussaint Part of Versatile RB Contingent

Fitzgerald Toussaint talks to GBW's Sam Webb about his style, his injuries, and about each of the other RBs in the unit.

Sam Webb: I talked to the running back coach (Fred Jackson) and he compared you to Mike Hart with speed. What do you have to say about that?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I'll say, I ain't ready for that statement (laughter). Mike Hart is something else. I'm just not ready for that. I've still got a ways too go."

Sam Webb: How do you think you have been performing thus far this fall? Coach Jackson said that before you got a little banged up that he thought you were having a real strong fall camp.

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I believe I have some areas that I can work on. I still think I can work on speed power. Working on a lot of techniques and stuff like that. I still think I can do a little bit better."

Sam Webb: There is this perception of you as an off tackle guy. It seems to me that you are really showing your ability to really run between the tackles and bust it up in there. Is that a misconception about your game that you not a guy that will do that?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Oh yeah I'll do that. I think I'm getting a little bit better with that. Now, I just want to focus on getting north and south, not too much dancing, but getting north and south and taking it to the house."

Sam Webb: Health wise, he says they expect you back (this week). How are you feeling?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I'm feeling good. I've been getting treatments and they have been taking good care of me and they doing an excellent job. That's working out real well."

Sam Webb: What about that running back battle? When we talk to Coach Rod, he said there are four or five guys right in the mix. Coach Jackson said the same thing.

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "That's exactly what we need. That's exactly what we need, get some experience from people that actually played in the game feed off of them. Actually get more experience off of them, so I think that is exactly what we need."

Sam Webb: Break it down for me then. If you could sort of assess the various talents of the backs in the rotation starting with Mike Shaw. What does he bring to the table that is unique to the position?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Mike Shaw brings versatility and speed."

Sam Webb: Vincent Smith?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Vince Smith brings versatility, speed, and for a little guy he brings power."

Sam Webb: What about you?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I will say I can bring power. I can be very versatile. Speed is definitely in. I think I fit in all those categories."

Sam Webb: Stephen Hopkins?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Power and he's got moves. He is a good shallow cutter."

Sam Webb: Mike Cox?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "He got the ability over everybody. You never know what he is going to hit you with."

Sam Webb: Over everyone at the position?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Over everyone at the position, Mike Cox."

Sam Webb: So size, speed…

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Size, speed, he versatile, he's got power. He is going to hit you with anything, you going to fall for it, because he is an athlete."

Sam Webb: Coach Rodriguez up there at the podium talked about getting the backs to get north and south. Has that really been a point of emphasis for you guys?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I think we need to work on that a little bit better. College football is so fast. It is not high school, you can go sideways and make somebody miss quick, but in college they want you to get those extra three yards instead (wind noise) for a touchdown when it is not need at that point."

Sam Webb: What about this defense? Obviously (Saturday), they got gouged a little bit according to Coach Rodriguez. He said they were not tackling very well. Has it been back and forth or have you guys been pretty much had your way with the defense?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "The defense is excellent. They need to work on a little bit of tackling but that's all. It might have just been a nervous point because they were at the Big House but other than that they would be doing their job."

Sam Webb: The last two weeks of camp, what does Fitzgerald Toussaint need to work on and improve?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "We got a couple more days in the weight room, so in the weight room I'm going to hit it hard. I'm going to get my neck treated so I can be better and I'll just study the playbook."

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