Jibreel Black talks about Fall Camp

Freshman defensive end Jibreel Black talks to GBW about being a freshman pushing to make the two-deep.

Sam Webb: How do you think things have been going for you so far this fall?

Jibreel Black: "So far, it has been going good. I've just been working hard and trying to do what I can do best and show the coaches what I got."

Sam Webb: What has been the toughest part of the adjustment for you so far?

Jibreel Black: "The toughest part, I got to say just getting used to the type of lineman. Like coming to Michigan, we got a lot of agile lineman, where in high school you don't got so many big and agile O-lineman before. So just getting used to how they use techniques and get around them and really master the techniques and get better at them."

Sam Webb: One thing I know about, is you are a confident guy. You talked about your moves and the things you do. It sounds like you have had some success rushing the passer here, have you felt like that?

Jibreel Black: "I feel like I've had a little bit of success in rushing the passer, just a lot of hard off season workouts that helped that out."

Sam Webb: Do you get the sense that that might be a role that you can have on this team come this fall?

Jibreel Black: "Yeah, most definitely. Any way that I can help the team out if possible. If that is a way, I'm there."

Sam Webb: What about your freshman class. You guys come in and you guys, especially you guys on defense, a lot of you guys with an opportunity to play right away. Do you feel like your class came in ready?

Jibreel Black: "Yeah. We came in focused. That's all we talk about over the summer. We would text each other and make sure that we working out with the workout manual that Coach Barwis gave us. So we worked hard on that and we really stayed focus towards that."

Sam Webb: Where are you weight wise right now?

Jibreel Black: "I'm at 262."

Sam Webb: Where do you want to be and where do you want to be?

Jibreel Black: "They really haven't told me a weight. I think I'm good. I just got to get stronger and faster."

Sam Webb: Are there any upper classman in particular that have taken you under your wing so far?

Jibreel Black: "Yeah. The whole D-line. All the D-line upperclassman, Mike (Martin), (Ryan) Van Bergen, Greg (Banks), AP (Adam Patterson), all of them have pretty much been helping me out along the way. Renaldo (Sagesse), he has been helping me out also. So it has been a lot of help."

Sam Webb: The last couple of weeks of the fall camp, Coach Rodriguez said that this week in particular is going to be big for the freshman because a lot of you guys had classes. This is really the first week where it is all football. How much do you think you can improve in this week?

Jibreel Black: "I think I can improve a lot. Dealing with class, we had some exams and stuff that we had to focus on. So we really didn't get to get into the playbook like all the other players. So now that we finally get to settle down and get in the playbook, we definitely got an advantage. The same playing field as they have. So I guess you will see some improvement there."

Sam Webb: So who has been the toughest offensive lineman that you've faced so far in camp?

Jibreel Black: "The toughest, pass wise or running?"

Sam Webb: If you've got separate the two, separate them.

Jibreel Black: "The best pass blocker I went against is probably Taylor Lewan, most definitely. Running wise, I would have to say (Steve) Schilling."

Sam Webb: You look at the rest of this defensive line and there's a lot of talent there, but is there anyone in particular that you look at and say, ‘wow man this dude is better than I thought he was? ‘

Jibreel Black: "Not necessarily better than I thought he was, because I know all of them are good, but when I see some plays that Mike (Martin) makes in practice, I be like dang. His explosiveness, his technique that he uses. You can tell the work that he put in with it."

Sam Webb: Have you walked around here and heard anybody call you "BG" (Brandon Graham)?

Jibreel Black: "Yeah (laughter). A little bit, I get that a lot in the locker room. Every time I make a play in practice or something like that, you'll hear it. It's all fun though."

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