Full Transcript: Darryl Stonum

The Wolverine wide receiver talks about his renewed focus, about the three different quarterbacks, about frosh Carvin Johnson, and more.

Question: Daryl can you just talk about this week and what it is like for you. Obviously, this is your third year here. How have things kind of changed for you going into game week?

Daryl Stonum: "It's changed a lot. It is a big week for us. (We) going up again UCONN this week, but we all feel good as a whole. We all feel like we've been in the system long enough. Most of us our third year in our system so we kind of have a good grasp of the system, so we feel real confident, real prepared and ready to go."

Question: You seem to have taken a step up in this fall camp by all accounts. What has been the biggest difference for you and have you felt it?

Daryl Stonum: "I would say that being that we have a lot of younger guys, a lot of freshman on the outside receiver, I feel like I'm the oldest and I have to step up and take that leadership role. With a lot of seniors leaving like Greg (Mathews) and Laterryal (Savoy), I feel like myself as well as Junior (Hemingway), Martavious (Odoms) and a lot of the other guys, we have to step up and become that leader and take on that leadership role."

Question: Has that been an easy transition for you? Is that something that you have kind of watched other guys in that role?

Daryl Stonum: "I had a great leader in Greg. For myself, I just try to lead by example. That is just going out there and working hard, working hard in the weight room, working hard in the offseason workouts and I try to go out there and work as hard as I could in camp."

Question: Talk about what it has been like in fall camp, obviously trying to develop chemistry with three different quarterbacks. Is it important for you guys to kind of finally settle on one or settle on two so you can develop a little bit more chemistry with that person?

Daryl Stonum: "All three quarterbacks are great. They all did a great job of grasping the system. Devin (Gardner) actually did a great job of coming in here early and learning the offense. Tate (Forcier) and Denard (Robinson), this is their second year. Other than how fast the ball comes and where they come, it is pretty much all great timing. We worked real hard this summer with all three quarterbacks with developing timing. During seven on seven drills and just going out there on our own and just throwing the ball around. I have developed timing and confidence in all three of them."

Question: Which ball comes in the fastest?

Daryl Stonum: "All three come in fast, but I would have to say that Devin has the fastest ball. He is more of like a Brett Farve type."

Question: Any hand injuries from trying to catch his passes, any of you receivers?

Daryl Stonum: "Not yet, but I feel like it is going to come sooner or later."

Question: How are the contacts working out?

Daryl Stonum: "They're great."

Question: How many fingers?

Daryl Stonum: "(Laughter). The contacts are great. I did an eye test this summer. They wanted me to try out these new contacts. I joked around a lot with the coaching staff and players about how I could see the Big House from the practice field, but the contacts help a lot. I can see a lot clearer and it really helps me focus on the ball a lot more."

Question: Just talk about the fact that stadium is being rededicated on Saturday, will anything change for you guys? Is there anything about the stadium that is different for you then it has been the last couple of years?

Daryl Stonum: "I'm pretty sure that it is probably going to be a lot louder, but as far as us playing wise, it is still 100 yards of grass. Still side line to side line, 100 yards and we just line up and play."

Question: Mike Martin said that Carvin Johnson has been laying some big hits in camp; where you the recipient of any of those?

Daryl Stonum: "Maybe not from Carvin, Marvin (Robinson), the other safety has been a pretty big hitter. Luckily, they haven't gotten any shots on me yet."

Question: How impressed are you with the two kids Marvin Robinson and Carvin Johnson and actually a couple of the cornerbacks Cullen Christian and all these young freshman are in a position to really contribute pretty quickly here?

Daryl Stonum: "Yeah all the freshmen guys have done a great job. All the young freshmen DBs have come in and tried their best to prove themselves to the coaching staff and with the unfortunate incident of Troy (Woolfolk) going on. A lot of those guys are trying to step up and prove that they can be the guy to fill in his shoes. So it is a great competition in practice between all the freshman, even some upper classman. Everyone is competing for a job and everyone is working hard. So I think it is just making us better as a team."

Question: What stood out about Carvin?

Daryl Stonum: "Carvin is like a ball hawk. He's always around the ball. Wherever the ball is, you are going to find Carvin most of the time and that's what impressed me about him is his motor. He never quits on a play. He never jogs. He always goes 110% and he always gives his all on the field."

Question: The last couple of years, the outside receives have not a ton of catches, a ton of yards; is that going to change? What does change going into this year?

Daryl Stonum: "I think a lot of that contributed to our getting used to the system. Like I said, this is our third year. We worked real hard in the offseason with the quarterbacks and in camp, we wanted to prove to the coaches that we can be go to guys at the outside receiver and we can make those big plays and we can produce. That's what we tried to do this camp, not just the outside guys but all the receivers. In camp, we had a lot more big explosive plays to prove to the coaches that we can spread it out a little bit and we can go get the deep ball and we can make the big plays. I think that is what you are going to see a lot this year."

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