Full Transcript: Roy Roundtree

The sophomore slot receiver puts on his game face in talking about his progress as a receiver, his quarterbacks, and the game ahead.

Question: Did this week feel different than all of camp or do you guys kind of keep the same mentality?

Roy Roundtree: "It is finally here. It is game week. Just more focused. Got practice today and just get ready to see how fun practice is about to be. Get ready to finally hit somebody new. In camp, it was hard. We had to do the same thing repeatedly every day, but it just made us better as a team, and now that it is game week it is time to really get focused on UCONN."

Question: How difficult is it to get continuity when you got three quarterbacks shuffling in and out, as apparently you guys have had throughout camp?

Roy Roundtree: "It is really not that bad because Coach Rodriguez, he rotates them a lot. As a wide receiver, we have to get used to them. So when we do our passing drills, so they are all in the mixt, so it is really not just one quarterback just standing out running with the ones, the twos or the threes. So he was just making a mixture for us, and during camp it was great. Seeing all three of them having fun and competing."

Question: Who throws the best ball?

Roy Roundtree: "I would have to probably wait until Saturday to see that, who throws the best ball."

Question: You were talked about as possibly being on the outside; you're in the inside and Martavious (Odoms) is out according to this (two deep); are you surprised by that, are you comfortable with that?

Roy Roundtree: "I'm comfortable wherever Coach Rodriguez wanted to put me. In camp, he put Martavious outside, but Martavious was going inside too. He was having it mixed. Me and Martavious, we know the whole offense, so wherever he puts us, we'll be able to play."

Question: What are the biggest difference between those two and what do you like maybe about each?

Roy Roundtree: "I like slot a lot because that's what I played in high school. It is just route running. Outside, it is more physical I will say. I can play outside too because I'm a physical guy but Martavious, he just like that physical contact a lot. He wanted to play outside and that's where he was at during our camp."

Roy Roundtree: "My first impression of Coach Rodriguez was just wonderful. He spoke to me like a real guy. He never gave me nothing that I shouldn't knew. He just always motivated me even when I was recruited. He never lied to me like other coaches did. He just always spoke the truth to me. That just a good thing that you look for during recruiting is the truth. You know when somebody could tell you a lie."

Question: How much pressure do you think he is under specifically this season after how the last couple of seasons have gone?

Roy Roundtree: "I'm pretty sure…this is Michigan, we have pressure every year. To see the two seasons that we did have, them gone, them two years ago. This is a new season, so everybody is going to go out there and win for Michigan. That's our motive this year."

Question: Do you have any idea who the starting quarterback might be? Do you know in your head do you think…?

Roy Roundtree: "I wish I did know. If I knew, I would have been told everybody here. It is just a mixture. We'll see Saturday who the starting quarterback is going to be."

Question: How tough do you think it is for Connecticut to game plan for, specifically Tate (Forcier) and Shoelace (Denard Robinson) are pretty different?

Roy Roundtree: "All three of them are pretty different. Watching them every day in camp, that is always an explosive moment out of Devin (Gardner), Denard and Tate and to see that UCONN really don't know…I don't know. When it is game time, I'm pretty sure they can probably game plan around that."

Question: What is your confidence level right now as compared to last year at this time? Or I guess, right now before your emergence late in last season?

Roy Roundtree: "I basically know the game now. Coach Magee always goes with the slot receiver, because that's my position coach. He just says know the game. So when you out there you ain't got to think too much. My confidence level now is, okay, if I know what my opponent doing before the play then there is no thinking of what I got to do when I'm out there."

Question: You came on late last year, how do you take that at the beginning of this season?

Roy Roundtree: "Just working hard. Just staying focused. Keep working hard. I know what I have to do. I have to put myself to do and I just know when it is time to go out there to practice, I know that I have to go out there with a hard edge, I know I have to catch every ball that is thrown my way. I know I have to run decent routes and get open for the quarterback to see me. So I've just been working hard all offseason getting better."

Question: Will the players get involved in the pageantry at all on Saturday, the rededication of the stadium. Do you have any sense of what that is going to be like, but what will that be like for you?

Roy Roundtree: "It is going to be wonderful. When I was being recruited, Coach Rodriguez was like, 2010 the Big House is going to be new and now that see it and we go up there to eat, it is like, we cannot believe the stadium is looking like this. When it comes Saturday, we just going to probably have goose bumps when we do the Victors Walk, because we already know when we come in there it is going to be packed and it is loud."

Question: Not many people are predicting you guys to be very high in the Big Ten this year; why might you surprise some people?

Roy Roundtree: "The way we practiced this week. It always depends on what we do in practice that is going to lead to the football field on Saturday. There is no win on our schedule, it is 0-0 right now. So when we come to the game Saturday and go out and play our hardest, I'm pretty sure we will come out victorious."

Question: Do you have any opinion opening the season with a tough team that won a bowl game last year as opposed to maybe somewhat of a warm up game?

Roy Roundtree: "Warm up, I don't think no team on our schedule is a warm up game. Just got to get ready and it stars with week one. Getting ready for UCONN and going out there and playing our hardest."

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