Robinson's Mom Feels Michigan Too

As Saint John (IN) Lake Central SF Glenn Robinson III prepares for another visit to Michigan we reflect on his mid-August trip to Ann Arbor with his mother. She goes in depth about her impressions of the program, coaching staff, and more.

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Sam Webb:  How do you feel things went (during the last Michigan visit)?

Shantelle Erving:  "They went great.  We were excited and happy about the offer.  I think it was one that maybe he was waiting on."

Sam Webb:  Looking back on it, from your perspective, what stuck out to you the most?

Shantelle Erving:  "The feeling that I got with the whole team while we were just watching a practice.  Then after their practice, they came all over and introduced themselves.  They shook hands, stayed around for a while and just talked to Glenn and talked to us and everything.  The team feeling is definitely there.  They hung around and just chatted and talked and so that was very, very nice."

Sam Webb:  When you guys head on these visits; what are you as a mom looking to see?

Shantelle Erving:  "Actually, I'm just looking to see what he is comfortable with and basically I'm going off of him.  What he likes, how he adjusts or just how he is feeling the people and the coaches there are very, very nice.  I noticed them out and about…I think he was at just about every game he played this summer.  So that told me that they were very much interested in him.  Basically just going off of him.  Like I tell him, he's got to go where he is comfortable playing, being around them and not the normal basketball setting but all of that.  He likes Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Now that you've had a chance to meet the coaches one on one; what were your impressions of them? 

Shantelle Erving:  "Coach Meyer is nice and warm.  You just get the right vibe from him.  You're just comfortable talking, talking with him talking about anything.  He is just a wonderful coach, Coach Meyer.  Coach Beilein is great too, but the one that I've spent most of the time talking with is Meyer.  He's very approachable and just like I said, he came out for all the games so that just shows a lot of interest.  He puts the time to fly out and come see Glenn wherever he was.  They even went to Florida.  I don't think he saw me there, but I seen them watching him.  Like I said, he made it to every game.  That just shows the true interest.  They may talk to them on the phone and everything but not all of them are coming out."

Sam Webb:  When he gets ready to sit down and make his decision, whenever that is, what are you going to tell him should be the most significant factors? 

Shantelle Erving:  "I want him to go somewhere where he is going to be comfortable with because he's not going to be at home.  So where he is going to make that his second home and he knows that he can go there and get a good education.  He has to be comfortable there and not just go there for basketball but the education.  So somewhere he feels that he can succeed and it is not going to be a problem."

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