U-M 21, UConn 10 at Half (Drives, Stats)

U-M raced to a 14-0 first quarter lead, extended it to 21-0 early in the 2nd stanza, then UConn came back to make it 21-10. Here are the first half drives and stats.

UConn #1

UConn returned the short kickoff from the 35 to the UConn 39.

U-M had TFL's on first and second down (Roh, and Mouton), and went 3 and out.


Michigan #1

Jeremy Gallon let the punt bounce 68 yards down the sideline to the U-M 4.

Michael Shaw ran for 6, then Denard Robinson completed to Darryl Stonum to the U-M 17.

On first down Denard ran it to the 9 U-M 26, but Omameh was penalized for a personal foul to the U-M 13. But Denard ran it 22 to the U-M 35.

On first down, Denard ran it 10 to the U-M 45.

On 1st down Shaw ran it for 5, on 2nd down Denard ran it 4, then Shaw ran for the 1st down.

On 1st down Shaw ran it for 4, on 2nd down Denard rolled out and hit Kevin Koger for a 16 yard gain to the UConn 24.

Shaw was stopped on 1st down, but on 2nd down Denard ran it 10, then Denard ran it to the UConn 12.

On 1st down Vincent Smith ran it in for the TD at the 7:33 mark.

Michigan 7, UConn 0.


UConn #2

Brendan Gibbons kicked it into the end zone. Touchback.

UConn got a 1st down in 2 plays to the UConn 30.

To plays later UConn completed a swing pass 15 yards to the U-M 46.

On the next play UConn ran it 20 yards to the U-M 25.

The drive stalled at the UConn 23, and Michigan blocked the U-M field goal attempt at the 4:02 mark.


Michigan #2

Starting at the U-M 23, Shaw ran for 4, then Denard completed it to Darryl Syonum to the 23, then Denard ran it to the 35.

On 1st down, Denard ran it 12 to the U-M 47.

On 1st down Shaw took a swing pass 10 yards to the UConn 37.

On the next play Denard took it to the house at the 1:27 mark.

Michigan 14, UConn 0.


UConn #3

Gibbons kicked it to the endzone for a touchback.

UConn went 3 and out.


Michigan #3

Gallon fumbled the short punt but U-M recovered at the UConn 44.

On 1st down Shaw ran it to the UConn 29.


1st Quarter Stats
U-M had 198 yards 154 rushing and 44 passing.
UConn had 57 yards, 39 rushing and 18 passing.


(Michigan #3 continued)
There the drive stalled, at the 25, and Brendan Gibbons was short on a 42 yard field goal attempt.


UConn #4

UConn went 3 and out.

UConn shanked the punt to the UConn 38 at the 12:27 mark.


Michigan #4

Grady fumbled on 1st down, then Denard ran for 9, then on 3rd down Denard hit Tay Odoms for a 14 yard run-pass to the UConn 19.

Smith ran to the 15, then Denard had a 2 yard loss, then on 3rd down Denard ran 10 yards to yards it to the UConn 7.

Shaw ran it to the 4, then on 2nd down Shaw ran it in at the 9:12 mark.

Michigan 21, UConn 0.


UConn #5

UConn took the short kickoff to the UConn 35.

UConn hit a pass to the U-M 42.

Three plays later UConn made another first down to the U-M 29.

UConn had a 3rd and 2 at the U-M 22, but ran for the 1st down at the U-M 19.

The drive stalled at the U-M 15, and UConn hit a 32 yard field goal at the 4:21 mark.

Michigan 21, UConn 3.


Michigan #5

Terrance Robinson slipped on the return at the U-M 8.

Denard ran it to the 16, then to the 22.

After a no-gain and an incomplete pass, Denard hit Stonum to the 26, U-M punts.


UConn #6

Wiill Hagerup hit a low, bouncing punt 51 yards to the UConn 23 at the 2:08 mark.

On 3rd down UConn completed it to the UConn 44.

On 3rd down UConn bobbled but caught a pass 57 yards to the U-M 9.

On 4th down UConn scored at the :17 mark.

Michigan 21, UConn 10


Michigan #6

Odoms returned the kickoff to the U-M 28.

End of Half.

2nd Quarter Stats
U-M had 63 yards 36 rushing and 27 passing.
UConn had 132 yards, 15 rushing and 117 passing.
U-M scored 7, UConn 10

Halftime Stats
U-M had 261 yards 190 rushing and 71 passing.
UConn had 189 yards, 54 rushing and 135 passing.
Denard was 8-9 passing for 79 yards, and had 15 carries for 131 yards

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