U-M 9 UConn 0 in 2nd Half (Drives, Stats)

U-M broke open a 21-10 halftime game in the second stanza. Here are the 2nd half drives and final stats.

Michigan #1

Stonum took the kickoff to the 19.

Denard completed a pass for -1 on 1st down, then threw an incomplete on 2nd down with Roundtree going down hard; then Denard hit Kelvin Grady for 19 yards to the U-M 34.

Smith carried for 4 on 1st down, then Denard ran for 4 more, then on 3rd down Denard hit Odoms to the 50.

Smith ran for 1 yard on 1st down, then on 2nd down Smith ran for 3, then Denard hit Stonum for 12 to the UCOnn 35.

On 1st down Denard hit Grady on a swing pass for 4, then Denard ran for 6 to the UConn 26, on 3rd down Denard ran for 3 to the UConn 23.

Smith ran for 4 to the 19, on 2nd down Denard hit Smith for a 1 yard loss, then on 3rd down Denard scrambled up the middle for 11 yards to the UConn 9.

There the drive stalled at the UConn 7, and Brendan Gibbons kicked a 22 yard field goal at the 6:55 mark.

Michigan 24, UConn 10.

*Denard has set the record for the most rushing yards by a U-M QB, 155 yards.


UConn #1

Gibbons bounced a kickoff to the UConn 39.

On the 2nd play, UConn ran-passed it to the U-M 44.

On 1st down Craig Roh got a sack to the U-M 48; but then UConn completed a pass to the U-M 29.

Two plays later UConn ran it to the U-M 16.

UConn ran it twice, then put in a new RB at QB on 3rd down and ran it to the U-M 6 ... 4th down and inches ... J.T. Floyd caused a UConn fumbled and Ezeh recovered at the U-M 11 at the 2:29 mark.


Michigan #2

Shaw ran it 5 on 1st down but Molk went out for a play, on 2nd down U- lost to the 7, but on 3rd down Denard scrambled to the U-M 21, but went down with a hip injury.

With Devin Gardner in, U-M lost 4 on 1st down, on 2nd down Smith ran it 14 yards to the U-M 30.


3rd Quarter (only) stats
U-M had 111 yards 54 rushing and 37 passing.
UConn had 58 yards, 18 rushing and 40 passing.



(U-M #2 Cont)

Denard back in, he ran for the 1st down at the U-M 34.

Denard threw a swing to Vincent Smith, then on 2nd down Denard threw over the middle to Terrance Robinson to the UConn 15.

On 1st down Smith ran it 5 yards to the 10, on 2nd down there was a loss of 1, on 3rd down Smith caught a screen and took in it for the score at the 13:07 mark. PAT no good.

Michigan 30, UConn 10.


UConn #2

UConn returned the kickoff to the Uconn 28.

UConn went for it on 4th down, and made it to the U-M 39.

On the next play UConn ran it to the U-M 47.

On 2nd down UConn ran it to the U-M 32.

In the next series UConn went for it on 4th and 3, and, after a measurement, and a review, Michigan took over on downs at the U-M 23.


From there on out it was just playing out the strong.


Final Stats:

U-M had 111 yards 54 rushing and 37 passing.
UConn had 58 yards, 18 rushing and 40 passing.
U-M was also 14-19 on 3rd down.
Denard Robinson rushed 29 times for 197 yards and a TD, a U-M single-game rushing record for a quarterback.
Robinson also was 19-22 passing for 186 yards and a TD.
Darryl Stonum led the receiving effort for U-M with 5 catches for 34 yards.

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