Robinson on the U-M OL: "It was Killing Them"

Michigan sophomore quarterback Denard Robinson had a coming out party, versus Connecticut with 197 yards rushing and 186 yards passing, but the star of the game in his eyes was his offensive line.

Question:  Is that everything you pretty much dreamed about in your first start?

Denard Robinson:  "I guess so.  I got my offensive line to thank and my coaches for putting me in the right situation."

Question:  As far as finding out who the starter was; was that last night or today?

Denard Robinson:  "It was last night.  He told us in a meeting.  He was like, ‘you'll be taking the first snap' and told the other guys to be ready at any time because you never know what happens."

Question:  How did you react?

Denard Robinson:  "I knew I had to play well because somebody else would probably take the rest of the snaps, so it was something on my mind."

Question:  How confident were you going in to today thinking that you might be tapped to start?

Denard Robinson:  "I really didn't know because all of us were playing well and all of us are going to continue to play well and that's way it is going to be.  We probably don't know who's going to start next week.  We'll see."

Question:  Did you know that you set the record rushing?

Denard Robinson:  "No I did not."

Question:  What does it mean, rushing yards for all Michigan quarterbacks of all time for you in your first start? Can you put that into words?

Denard Robinson:  "That's crazy.  That's a dream come dream I guess you could say."

Question:  You came to Michigan to be a quarterback but did you expect to touch the ball as many times?

Denard Robinson:  "I didn't know.  I was just ready for whatever.  Coach told me to be ready and I was ready."

Question:  How encouraging was your passing game... play action pass, threw in the flats, threw over the middle? How much did it encourage you to do that in a live game?

Denard Robinson:  "We practice on that.  Practice make perfect that's basically what we do.  We practice, practice, rep, rep and that's what helped me."

Question:  You didn't seem concerned about the possibility of anyone else playing through camp and even apparently last night when you were told.  The guys were told to be ready. Where do you get that poise?  Were you nervous at all?

Denard Robinson:  "I guess I've played before.  Last year, I played as a freshman.  My team and my offensive lineman, all the seniors told me, we got your back.  You don't have to try and win the game.  We're here to help you and that's basically what happened."

Question:  Obviously there were moments late last season where things didn't go the way you wanted when you got in the game; what changed from that point to today?  What was the biggest change for you?

Denard Robinson:  "I learned the offense a little bit more and stay focused a little bit more and gave it my all from the offseason, during the offseason."

Question:  Did anybody try to rip off your cleat in the pile or anything?

Denard Robinson:  "Yeah they ripped off my cleat.  They was like, ‘I'm going to take his shoe, take his shoe' and just took my shoe (laughter)."

Question:  Did they actually get them?

Denard Robinson:  "Yeah they took them off one of the plays when I ran and got the first down."

Question: A lot people knew you were fast, that you could run, you were a sprint champion and all that, but your passing... people said you weren't that good of a passer.  Today, you're accuracy was great.  Do you feel really good about that, that maybe now you can show people that you can throw a little bit?

Denard Robinson:  "I knew I always could throw the ball. That was never a question.  It was just getting the offense down pat.  That's basically what it was."

Question:  That play to Terence (Robinson), was play designed to go to him? Was that your first read and what set it up?

Denard Robinson:  "I can't tell you, seriously come on (laughter).   No we can't tell you that one."

Question:  What happened to you when you had to come out of the game?

Denard Robinson:  "I took a shot to the hip and just got back up."

Question:  How do you feel?

Denard Robinson:  "I feel alright, pretty good, pretty good."

Question:  Do you feel those hits during a game or is it something that the adrenaline takes over?

Denard Robinson:  "The adrenaline takes over, so I really don't feel."

Question:  They were trying to take your shoes off… did you feel them getting frustrated a little bit because you kept running on them?

Denard Robinson:  "I think so, I think so.  They were trying to slow me down, I guess.  I slowed the offense, because the offensive line was just killing them.  It was killing them."

Question:  What is it like to be a rhythm like that offensively on those long drives?  It seems like you guys were just making plays?

Denard Robinson:  "It was a great feeling, but we're in pretty good shape and everybody was just ready."

Question:  What goes through your mind when you go down with that hip injury late in the third going back to the sideline?  Is there any doubt in your mind that you are going to come back into the game or when you take everything that has happened to you in the game to that point? Was there any sort of fear in your or where you confident right away that you knew that you were going to come back at some point?

Denard Robinson:  "I'm a tough guy and I just had confidence that I was going to be able to come back in and play."

Question:  Are you going to wear shoelaces against Notre Dame?

Denard Robinson:  "I'm not changing anything."

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