Concord DLS Athlete Cameron Colvin

To finish off the triumvirate of Concord, Calif., De La Salle junior players interested in Michigan, Don Hoekwater visited the school yesterday and had a chance to chat with WR/FS <B>Cameron Colvin</b> ...

To finish off the triumvirate of Concord, Calif., De La Salle players interested in Michigan, I visited the school yesterday and had a chance to chat with WR/FS Cameron Colvin, 6-2 (the height is legit, he looks me right in the eye and I'm 6-2 as well) 190 lbs., 4.4 in the 40, 265 lb. bench press, 33-inch vertical. While Colvin isn't involved in any Spring sports, he is diligently attending the Spring weight and conditioning program for which De La Salle is well known.

Colvin mentioned he has been contacted by many schools, mainly by mail as this is quite early yet in the process. He has been contacted as well by Michigan and mentioned he had said hi to a Michigan coach, most likely Recruiting Coordinator Bill Sheridan. "They just told me Michigan was real interested in me and they'd like to have me on the team."

I asked him, "What do you like about Michigan?"

"I love the tradition at Michigan and that they've always had big play receivers. Nobody can guard me so I would do well there."

His top schools, in order, are: "Michigan, Cal, Miami, and USC. I haven't been offered by anyone yet. I'm looking forward to going away from home, that's what college is about, you know, you want to feel like you did something big when you're far away from home."

"I'm friends with Matt Gutierrez and walk-ons Alijah Bradley and James Bloomsburgh, they are all trying to get me and Willie (Glasper) and Jackie (Bates) to come to Michigan."

I asked Colvin if all three were interested in going to school together, "Oh yeah, we talk about it all the time, it would be fun to go to the same school, but we'll see, I'll go where I think I fit best."

Colvin told me that while he plays free safety, his primary position, and the position all the schools are recruiting for, is wide receiver. He tells me he is a big playmaker and that DB's have a hard time guarding him. He says he needs to work on breaking down routes but that will come when DLS begins practice in the Spring and Fall.

In the weight room I watched Colvin put 135 lbs. over his head 11 times with ease, he could have done more. He's also impressively cut. DLS Coach Justin Alumbaugh informed me Colvin is in the weight room Four days a week and, "He's an extremely hard worker in the weight room."

Colvin said he would be attending both the SoCal and NorCal Nike Camps and had no plans to attend any of the Michigan camps. He will be attending the Cal camp this summer.

All three DLS juniors are ranked in the top juniors in the country by Colvin is one of the top nine wide receivers, Jackie Bates is one of the top five running backs, and Willie Glasper is one of the top four cornerbacks.

Spring Practice for De La Salle begins soon and I'll be making visits to get further updates on Colvin, as well as Bates and Glasper.

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Jackie Bates and Willie Glasper

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