Michigan Strengthens Position with Walls

McDonough (GA) Eagles Landing Christian Academy S Avery Walls took his second trip to Ann Arbor Saturday, this time for his official visit. It was going to be hard for the Wolverines to top his initial experience, but it appears that they may have done just that.

Sam Webb:  So you were one of over 113,000 people in the Big House Saturday.  What did you think?

Avery Walls:  "It was real nice.  When I first walked into the stadium the fans were chanting Dee Hart and then our names and everything.  That was pretty special… when all the fans knew me.  Throughout the game when I was just walking around the stadium just random people coming up to me telling me to come to Michigan and everything."

Sam Webb:  Let me get this straight… you walk in and they were chanting Dee Hart's name and then they saw you and they knew you too?

Avery Walls:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  So was it just the student section or was it all the way around?

Avery Walls:  "It was all the way around.  First when we walked out of the tunnel they were doing that and as we walked around the stadium certain people just yell out our names and stuff like that."

Sam Webb:  Obviously, your brother came with you… what did he think of everything?

Avery Walls:  "My brother loved it, especially being his first official and first time on a visit with me.  I think he really enjoyed it. He was also an Ohio State fan.  He has accepted the fact that… well, he liked it up there.  He had a really good time.  He really liked the coaches.  He was really astounded by all their facilities and what they had to offer at the school."

Sam Webb:  What about the actual game.  What did you think of the match-up between Michigan and UCONN?

Avery Walls:  "I thought was really good.  There was a lot of hype going into the game.  I thought it was a really close game, both teams on the up rise.  Two really good coaches facing each other with young teams.  UCONN had a lot of starters coming back and so did Michigan's team, but Michigan's team was a bit younger. It was a really good game.  There was a lot of game changing moments, like when Michigan made them fumble on the goal line.  That was like a game changing moment.  UCONN was making a run back for it.  On Michigan's side, I was watching their safety, #4 (Cameron Gordon), the free safety.  I was watching him because that's where the coaches project me.  That is what they said on the first day.  I was just watching him throughout the game and our terminology at our high school and Michigan are pretty much the same with personnel and stuff like that.  I was just trying to better myself.  Watching the game just like a coach would."

Sam Webb:  As far as hanging out with the players, who was your host and who did you get a chance to hang out with?

Avery Walls:  "Devin Gardner was my host.  We went to go eat out with Coach Hott.  We ate with Coach Singletary, Coach Hott and some of the recruits that were on the visit and stuff like that.  My brother and I, we loved the food and all.  We went to a restaurant called Chop House with the steaks and stuff like that and that was really good.  Devin and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and just talked about stuff like that as we watched the BYU and Washington game.  We just went out bowling with three or four of the other players."

Sam Webb:  What about Devin?  What kind of vibe did you get from him?

Avery Walls:  "I thought he was really good.  He is actually an early enrollee and he is from Detroit.  I really didn't get to ask him about being away from home because he's not too far from home.  He loves school there.  He said Coach Rodriguez gives everybody a fair chance at playing time and practice and an equal shot at getting a chance on the field.  They actually showed that in the game.  They played 12 true freshmen in that game, which was really exciting because coming into that I know that I will definitely have a chance to go in.  Some schools, they like playing the upper classman, but Coach Rodriguez is not afraid to play the best player."

Sam Webb:  What about Coach Rodriguez?  Did you spend as much time with him this time around?

Avery Walls:  "Yeah I saw him a lot.  I talked to him pregame.  I talked to him after the game in the locker room.  He was really busy after the game, but he acknowledged me and came up to me in the locker room and talked to me for a little bit.  On Sunday, my brother and I talked to him in his office for about an hour and a half."

Sam Webb:  What was he talking about on Sunday?

Avery Walls:  "We were pretty much talking about the entire program from all the players that are playing on the team, the ones that they are recruiting.  How the Adidas contract is going.   Just everything.  He was also informing my brother about his some of his background information and some of the Michigan background information that my brother kind of didn't know this being his first time there."

Sam Webb:  There were so many other recruits there.    Did you get a chance to talk to any of those other guys while you were there?

Avery Walls:  "Yeah I talked to a few.  I talked to Dee Hart, Ha'sean (HaHa) Clinton-Dix.  There was AJ Jordan I think. I talked to (Anthony Zettel). I sat next to the offense lineman 2011 class that committed to Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Probably Jake Fisher.

Avery Walls:  "I'm not sure."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a feeling from those other guys about whether or not they were really liking it or not?

Avery Walls:  "I only got to introduce myself to them, but we sat in different seats during the game.  I saw next to my brother and the offensive lineman that was committed.  He sat next to me also.  We were right on the 50-yard line in the first row.  I thought those were great seats."

Sam Webb:  Okay, so back to you then.  You came in and you obviously already had an idea of what Michigan was about.  Now that you've been back again did it move them up in your eyes?

Avery Walls:  "The only thing that I can definitely say is that it certainly helped them."

Sam Webb:  When spoke with the coaches did they talk to you about their scholarship situation and how many they have left?  

Avery Walls:  "Yes sir.  They told me about their availability and the rest of their scholarships and stuff like that.  How many at each position they are going to wind up taking and stuff like that.  Coach Rodriguez and Coach Gibby both have expressed both those ideas to both of us, just so we are aware of that.  They are going to keep in touch with us and let us know if they get any commits, how many spots they have left, and just stuff like that.  Just keep us in contact and let us know how everything is going."

Sam Webb:  Have you set up your other visits or are they still not done yet?

Avery Walls:  "Right now, they are not done yet.  I'm still kind of planning certain stuff.  Like for the SAT, October 9th and November 6th, I'm going to decide which day I want to take the SAT.  If I take it on the 9th, I have to reschedule the California visit to a different date."

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