Gordon Always Ready

Redshirt freshman Thomas Gordon and true freshman Carvin Johnson have been battling at the spur spot, but Gordon says it's friendly competition. This week, with Johnson out, Gordon looks to be the man.

Even though it was Carvin Johnson who started at spur on Saturday, Thomas Gordon was always ready to go.

When Johnson was injured, Gordon, a 5'11, 215-lb redshirt freshman stepped in without missing a beat. After all, it was Gordon who took most of the reps at that spot throughout the spring.

"We just compete and the coaches felt like he was the one that should be playing, so he played," Gordon explained. "I got reps too in the first half, but you know, I'm behind whatever the coaches decide."

That mentality and attitude is something the entire Michigan defense has had. Gordon says many young guys have played, and have been prepared to play.

"All through camp, coach just said 'the next guy be ready to step up' and he gave those guys enough reps to feel comfortable about themselves and we had competition, so when they got in there they played good."

Gordon also says the record setting crowd at Michigan Stadium helped give the Wolverines the energy to hold the Huskies to just ten points.

"We had the crowd behind us," he said. "That gave us that extra boost. We studied hard all week. Coach put us in the right places and we went out there and executed."

Johnson is out with an MCL injury, so Gordon is the likely starter this week against Notre Dame. Gordon described his competition with the true freshman from Louisiana as heated, but healthy at the same time.

"There's competition, but we still help each other. We compete against each other, but that's only going to make us better."

This week will be the 2010 Wolverines' first road test, as they head to South Bend to take on the Fighting Irish. While there won't be that crowd support Gordon mentioned, he believes they know what they have to do to succeed.

"Pretty much what we've been doing all camp. We've been emphasizing flying to the football. We get 11 hats to the football and good things are going to happen."

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