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Oftentimes, the game of football is compared to war. It's a game of inches, where the field general leads their corps into battles that are won in the trenches. If that's the case, then Middle Tennessee added a solid warrior on signing day.

Roberto Loya Profile

At 6-6 and over 300 lbs., Doulgas, Ga. native Roberto Loya is an imposing force on the football field. Despite his size, the Coffee County standout is actually quite agile for a big man, aided by the fact that he spent his prep days in a triple option scheme. His physical assets made him an attractive target for many schools this season, but in late January he committed to Middle Tennessee and followed through by signing with the Blue Raiders.

"I had offers from Southern Miss, UAB, Coastal Carolina, and Georgia Southern," Loya tells BRZ. "East Carolina offered me earlier and pretty much my whole junior year I was talking to Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn and Clemson."

Despite the attention from so many other programs around the Southeast, Loya maintains that he stayed in regular contact with the Blue Raider staff.

"I mainly talked to Coach [Justin] Watts," Loya says. "He's a great person. He's probably one of the coaches I'm most comfortable around."

As the conversations with Watts progressed, a scholarship offer eventually made its way into the picture. In late January, Loya decided to head up to Murfreesboro to see what Middle Tennessee was all about.

"I went up the third week of January. I fell in love with the campus. I met some of the other players and it felt right when I was there," Loya says of his visit.

During his trip, Loya had the opportunity to sit down with his future position coach, Jimmy Ray Stephens. The two watched film together and discussed the intricacies of Middle Tennesse's offense and how to handle the transition from the option to the spread.

"It's no huddle, but at the north south Ga all-star game we ran that kind of offense and I was fine so I feel comfortable don't see any problems," Loya says, adding that the Blue Raider offense isn't entirely foreign to him. "We actually run the triple option, but we throw a lot in there. Screens, passing when we need to so it's something I'm kind of used to."

For now, Loya is just preparing to finish out his senior year and arrive in Murfreesboro this Summer. He stays in touch with Watts, Stephens and head coach Rick Stockstill and is learning what he can of the offense.

Extra Extra

His family: "Actually, they're not even fans of football. They just came to my games. My family is Hispanic, so we never knew about football. My dad didn't like any sport. I brought them to my games and they didn't really know what was going on. I don't even know if they're a fan of my high school team. My grandfather fell in love with it, though."

Deciding factor for choosing Middle Tennessee: "Other than the coaches and the people there I already told Coach Watts I want to try to get my masters is Business Administration and they've got a great business school. Better than the other places that offered I'm thinking it's already a great program and a great place. What else could you ask for?"

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