Introducing Jon Economou

Tampa, Fla. prospect Jon Economou has all the attributes big time college programs are looking for in a quarterback. Size, strength and a solid mental approach to the game. He recently sat down with BlueRaiderZone to talk about his rise to starter, who all he's hearing from and his plans for the Summer.

Jon Economou Profile

At 6-3 and 220 pounds, Jon Economou looks the part of a prototypical dropback passer. He also looks the part of a smaller tight end, which is where he found himself starting for Freedom High School at the beginning of the 2010 season. That didn't last long, however.

"I played tight end the first four games. It was an even battle between me and another kid who transferred in, but eventually I just said ‘Coach, I'll play wherever you want me to play,'" Economou tells BRZ, explaining how he found himself on the opposite end of passes to begin his Junior year. "I had a strong arm, but they went with the older guy."

Although his team-first attitude saw him begin the year at tight end, it wasn't long before he was asked to go back to quarterback, a move that ended up being permanent.

"Our homecoming game [fifth game of the season] our starter wasn't taking the coaching. I told Coach whenever you need me I can go. The other quarterback threw two picks in the first half and then I came in and drove down the field and scored a touchdown," he says of his fast rise to starter. "After that I took control in practice. I already had the timing and stuff from Summer, so it wasn't that big of a change for the receivers."

The fact that he wasn't starting all season long hasn't prevented programs from taking interest in him. Currently, Ball State is showing him the most interest, but they certainly aren't alone.

"Central Michigan came by in the Spring and actually filmed me for an hour," he says. "I got invited to junior days at South Carolina, Auburn, North Carolina and Louisville. I really wanted to go to Middle Tennessee because another kid on our team is going, but I couldn't afford to make the trip. Other than that I'm hearing from UCF and USF."

Economou is having to be financially conscious of where he he'll be camping over the next couple of months, but he and his teammate Larry Phillips will be trying to hit up several. Jacksonville State is a certainty at this point and South Carolina, Clemson and North Carolina are all potential destinations, with a trip to Stanford being a bit of a dream trip.

"I would say I had a pretty good Spring and I think that boosted me up a little bit," Economou says when asked if he feels close to any offers. "To be honest, I never got the opportunity to get the film, so I'm trying to stay patient. It's a long, hard process and a couple of colleges said they wanted to offer, but nothing yet. I definitely know if I keep working hard I should have a couple."

With his highlight tape admittedly absent, Economou knows that he's going to have to get it done on the field to earn any offers. He's comfortable with that though and is pretty quick to list his strongest attributes as a quarterback.

"It would have to be a mixture only because it works. It's my mental approach and my big arm. You put it together and you can make any throw," he explains, saying that his combination of skills makes him that much better. "I can dissect any defense better than anybody around. I know my reads every play. It starts mentally because if you don't know what you're doing, physically it doesn't matter. Still, they tell me I have a big arm at every showcase and camp I've been to."

For now, Economou is just trying to play the recruiting game as best he can. He's aware that he has to impress coaching staffs to earn offers, but he's also sizing them up along the way.

"I want to have atmosphere. If that's my next home for the next four or five years of my life I want to feel like I'm at home," he says of what he's looking for in his future program. "I feel like once I get to that campus, I'll know that that's my home. I don't want to be in a dull place that there's no way to socialize and have fun outside of football. When it comes down to it you have to have an education, too, so I'll definitely look at that."

Stay tuned to for more on Economou as the recruiting season heats up! ?

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