The Blue Raiders have now lost seven games in four separate seasons since Rick Stockstill's tenure began before the 2006 season. Unfortunately, the squad still has three games to go before the 2011 campaign mercifully comes to a close and all indicators are that Stockstill will set a new mark for most losses in a season. So what now?

When the 2011 football campaign began, the odds were stacked against Rick Stockstill's team. The season kicked off facing all sorts of questions after having to replace a lineup of stars who had come to embody Blue Raider football – Tanner, Issac, Lattimore, Dasher, Brown, Fisher, Andrews. All gone.

To make matters worse, Middle Tennessee was forced to deal with a brutal three game stretch to open the year. We all know what happened there. Fans are generally going to be upset when their team is sitting at 2-7, but unrealistic expectations make that record a tougher pill to swallow. I know a lot of folks were extremely high on Logan Kilgore coming into this season – and rightfully so. Unfortunately, a talented up-and-comer at quarterback isn't the end-all, be-all of a successful program.

The defensive depth and experienced was a huge question mark in the Spring. That question was never really answered, but still people felt confident that Stockstill's recruitment of smaller, faster players could channel the success of the 2009 squad.

The offense lost starting quarterback, running back and number one wide receiver, but people assumed that the guys behind them would step up and the offense wouldn't miss a beat.

Both squads were forced to deal with new coordinators for the third straight season and, potentially as a result of that, both squads have seemingly gotten worse since kickoff. Read that again – this team looked better in two of the first three games than in any game since.

That should create more cause for concern than any other talking point you could possibly come up with. I will fully admit that I am not aware of the ins and outs of locker room or sideline dynamics. I am just a regular joe with a website that allows me to air my thoughts, but here's what I'm thinking: something is off here. Whether that falls on the staff, players or something else entirely I can't say. I just know that if Middle Tennessee is going to improve in 2012 then they're going to have to make some wholesale changes in the way they do things.

When it comes down to it, this season has been about as bad as any in recent history. Fans are upset, students are apathetic and the team seems to be struggling in just about every aspect imaginable. With all that taken into account, I think there is only one thing that Blue Raider players and fans can actually agree on this year: thank goodness for FAU.

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