Hoops to the rescue

For Blue Raider basketball fans the past few years have been tough. Solid recruiting efforts coupled with favorable schedules have led to high expectations from fans which – until now – weren't reached. Luckily, Kermit and crew are coming through at just the right time.

The situation reminds me of the last lines from The Dark Knight. Kermit isn't the hero that Middle Tennessee deserves, but he's the hero they need. Before you get upset with me for that quote, let me explain . . .

In an athletic department and fan base where the discussion is dominated by conference realignment, football reigns supreme. Heck, throw realignment out the window and just about every FBS program in the country is dominated by football. Unfortunately, this year the gridiron was nothing but a source of frustration for Middle Tennessee fans.

Enter the hero they need. Kermit Davis.

Now in his ninth season at the helm of the Blue Raider program, his success couldn't have come at a better time. During a school year where other teams have let fans down, Kermit and his crew have come through in major ways: a HUGE road victory over storied UCLA, another road win over Ole Miss for Davis' first victory over an SEC school and an impressive 4-0 start to Sun Belt play.

Davis is giving fans a reason to cheer and, more importantly, to be a fan of SOMETHING. Oddly enough, frequent visitors to this site have often gone back and forth over whether Kermit's tenure had become stagnant. Heck, prior to this season, most people were hoping it would end quickly and painlessly so that the university could move on and find the next man to take over.

But there was still a small minority of supporters. Folks who believed in Kermit, believed in what he said and believed that he could be the guy to take Middle Tennessee to the next level. Well, here we are: 17 games into the season with a 15-2 record and 20 votes in the coaches poll.

Honestly, I have no clue what the rest of the season holds, but I'm excited. I'm excited to see the further development of some emerging players, the impressive plays of some touted transfers and – most importantly – where this season ends up.

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