Recruiting Philosophy

After going a combined 8-17 over the past two seasons, Middle Tennessee is in need of some fresh blood in the worst way possible. While there are a ton of potential contributors already on campus, the 2012 signing class could be expected to give a big boost to the squad this season.

Just taking a look at the graduating seniors makes one weary:

Eric Russell - S
Malcolm Beyah – WR
• Arness Ikner – CB
T.L. Edwards – CB
• Tyler Mason – WR
Sancho McDonald – WR
• Shane Blissard – WR
Jamar Brown – WR
Derrick Crumpton – S
Marquise Branton – RB
Alan Gendreau – K
Gorby Loreus – DE
• Nathaniel Toulson – P
Colin Boss – C
Sacoby Carter – DT
• Zeke Anderson – Long snapper
Darin Davis – LB
Brandon McLeroy – OL
• Quinton Groves – OL
Mike Williams – OL
Jared Bamber – TE
• Vincent Van Horne – WR

Now I realize that all of these players aren't necessarily starters, but they were seniors who provided some sense of depth at key positions. The wide receiver position along is going to have an entirely new look to it in 2012 with six players moving on.

That type of turnover requires an extremely strategic approach to recruiting. While it's true that there are several redshirt freshmen ready to take to the field this season, none of them have proven their ability to make an impact at the college level. So what does an incomplete coaching staff do coming off of a 2-10 season do to put Humpty Dumpty back together again?

Well, I wish I knew. Do the best with what you have would be my guess.

Middle Tennessee NEEDS to go after guys who are ready to step in and play immediately. The key words there are PLAY IMMEDIATELY. I don't think this staff has the luxury of inviting guys who can come in and compete for jobs. This is a must-win season and without a roster full of guys set to contribute it could quickly become another rebuilding year.

That said, it's hard to make out what this class is going to look like once it's all said and done. With only two JuCo signees at this point, the possibilities are endless. The optimistic view would be that the staff is sitting on a lot of names to keep things flying under the radar, which very well may be true. That's been the case with several prospects over the past few years (Shaun White for example).

Still, it's hard to feel entirely comfortable at this point. There are a lot of visitors coming in over the next couple of weeks and hopefully the staff can identify, attract and sign several diamonds in the rough. If not, head coach Rick Stockstill will have a tall task in turning the ship around in 2012.

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