Well that was fast.

It's something that Blue Raider fans have spent the last year debating … to leave or not to leave. Well this morning the debated ended when it was announced that Middle Tennessee has joined the Conference USA.

At this point, details are still few and far between, but the DNJ's Adam Sparks has confirmed the rumors. Middle Tennessee will officially join the Conference USA.

The move comes on the heels of the CUSA losing two teams to the Big East. Tulane and East Carolina both announced their moves yesterday – which left many Blue Raider fans wondering what that would mean for Middle.

Luckily they didn't have to wait long.

Now the debate will rage on as to whether or not the move was the right one. In an ever-shifting conference landscape it's nearly impossible to predict the future, but this is a move the athletic department had to make. At this moment, C-USA is a better spot for the program.

A lot of people will point to the on-field performance of the Sun Belt and Conference USA in 2012 and say that this is a lateral move at best, but conference affiliation is about much more than how teams actually play. If you don't believe me, just examine the whole Tulane to the Big East deal …

While all the details about exit fees, increased revenue, TV contracts and bowl tie-ins aren't readily available at the moment, the fact of the matter is that Middle Tennessee should thrive from this move. Athletic director Chris Massaro and president Sidney McPhee have been working on this for well over a year and dissecting possible moves from every imaginable angle.

Of course that won't stop the message boards from breaking down all of the what-if's and getting into doomsday prognostications based on the move, but that's half the fun isn't it? Whatever the case, you can rest assured we'll be keeping you up to speed with the latest in this situation right here on BlueRaiderZone.com.

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