The adventures of Bobby O'Shea: Part 1

Bobby O'Shea follows the Lady Raiders as they make their trek across the country for the opening round of the NCAA tournament.

Well, we have made it out to California. I am traveling with Raiderrick on what has become quite an adventure. Our flight from Tennessee left an hour late so we had plenty of time to see basketball and drink beer before our flight. I have no idea why Tennessee took that last shot.

After a short layover in San Diego, we were on time to San Jose, landing at 10:15 PST. I was not aware how hard getting a car was until I watched two guys trying to rent one as if they were renting a yacht. Do you really have to argue about every little detail? IT'S A RENTAL CAR! Plus, in California, you can pay nine dollars a day and destroy your rental and simply walk away. A Chevy Malibu runs great on two wheels!

Rick booked the hotel so I assumed he got directions to said hotel. Nope. After an hour and a half and risking one's life more than once, we found our hotel. The lady at the front counter did not understand why we were upset when after booking two double beds, we were offered a king and a rollaway. Fat man on a little bed is not a good thing.

So, after getting two separate rooms, we went to Denny's for dinner at 12:45 PST. That is in the morning. While the double cheeseburger is good, it may be a little overkill, which I found out about 4 hours later. We then went back to the hotel and I realized I had no air conditioning; it dawned on me that this place was just like staying in the Motel Murfreesboro. So with six bad hours of sleep, I arrived back at Denny's for breakfast. Rick and I discussed it and decided we needed an upgrade. We are now at the team hotel, the Hilton.

As I write this we are sitting at the ODU-FSU game, with the Insell clan. Hope everyone enjoys the game and I will be back here closer to the game.

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