Blue Raiders are all (Bad) Business in win

Defense propels the Blue Raiders to a huge win over Gonzaga.

The Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders laid the wood to Gonzaga tonight, 85-46. This was a game that was dominated pretty much from start to finish. Gonzaga has a good team and will be dangerous in the future, but they ran into the "bad business" tonight.

Led by Chrissy Givens with 24 points, the Blue Raiders put 4 players in double figures. The others were Amber Holt with 23, Krystle Horton with 14 and Starr Orr, the player of the game, with 10. Starr Orr was all over the court tonight and helped turn the momentum in the second half as the MTSU Blue Raiders put the nail in the coffin.

Starr Orr and Amber Holt also led the team with rebounds each. The most telling statistic is the turnovers, where the Blue Raiders forced 37 turnovers including 17 steals. Those turnovers led to 43 Middle Tennessee points.

Gonzaga tied the game once very early on, but the Blue Raiders never relenquished control. Gonzaga was tall, but they could not stand up to the speed that the Blue Raiders brought or the crushing press.

The Blue Raiders will celebrate tonight and then get ready tomorrow for a game against either Marist or Ohio State.

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