The Adventures of Bobby O'Shea: Day 2

Bobby O'Shea continues to follow the MTSU Lady Raiders as they make their run in the NCAA Tournament.

What a day we had yesterday! The weather out here is beautiful, and we win a game by making the kind of statement that the nation better be watching.

After moving to a new hotel, we followed the Insells back into Palo Alto to watch the ODU-FSU game. The most striking thing about this game was the fact that ODU was the better team, but just couldn't buy a basket. So FSU wins and moves on to meet Stanford in the second round in a game that will not be very good. Stanford and MTSU are the class of this sub-regional.

After the game, we had about 4 hours to kill and did not want to go back to Santa Clara. We found a local sports bar called The Old Pro. It is fashioned out of an old airplane hangar that was built in 1920. They had pitchers of beer, burgers, garlic fries (some kind of delicacy here because they are everywhere), and brisket (not really, which we found out shortly). There were 8 of us in the bar watching basketball and getting "ready" for our game at 5:00.

As more people started filing into the bar, we were converting all of them to Middle fans with our folksy charm and good times. Then it was time to put our game faces on!

The game started a little slow as Gonzaga stayed with us for the first 45 seconds or so. Then we just stared to unleash the fury. It was 40 minutes of hell, but it was textbook. You could tell their ladies were very frustrated with the way we play ball. I guess Gonzaga should have used ten players in practice.

After the game, I went to the post-game press conference. Coach Insell was happy with the game and Chrissy Givens and Amber Holt sat there just waiting to get back to work. I decided to stay for the Gonzaga press conference mainly because hardly anyone else did. His first line, Gonzaga Coach Kelly Graves, made me feel no sorrow for kicking their butts. He said they made us look better than we were. That is crazy.

Most of the fans stayed to cheer on Marist as they proceeded to beat Ohio State. It was a great game.

Monday will be fun, but no cakewalk to be sure. After the game, Rick, myself, Monte Hale, his cameraman, and Whiney Tate's father were following Matt Riley with Dr. McPhee, Rick Insell, and a few others to eat. We did not know where we were going except that we needed to get to the 101. Well, Matt Riley missed the first turn and I could not tell you where we ended up if you gave me a map. So after a couple of stops, some beer for the road, and me stopping traffic to get the flag that someone lost out of my car, we got back to El Camino Real. This road is a lot like Old Hickory Blvd. It has no beginning and no end, but will take you anywhere eventually. After they missed another turn, I took over. I apologize to any person who may have got mad at my driving, I am from Tennessee and I don't know any better.

After dinner at Bennigan's, it was time to call it a very long day. We slept much better last night and are going to San Francisco today to see the sights. Everybody enjoy your day off because tomorrow is a business day...a "Bad Business" day!!!

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