Pep Band Blog:Day 4-The Calm Before the Storm

MTSU pep band member Cyle B. keeps the Blue Raider fans abreast of all the activities surrounding the Lady Raiders and the NCAA Tournament.

So today was another early day for some people. Around 9:00 a.m. we left to go to the Monterey Peninsula. It was a good ways south of Santa Clara, and some beautiful surroundings. After getting to Cannery Row, most of us took the tour through the Monterey Aquarium, which is supposed to be world-renowned aquarium. It took us a couple of hours, which was spent looking at the fishes, sharks, penguins, and otters. Our group got to the feeding pool right before the tuna was supposed to be fed. The whole tour was pretty good, but they were focused on conservation. The workers/volunteers made sure that we knew how to help the environment. After the aquarium tour it was time to tour more of Cannery Row.

The small couple of blocks that made up Cannery Row were pretty amazing. It looks like a little city of only two streets. The group of band members got to try some of the best clam chowder we've ever had, but decided to eat else where at Lenny Linguini. It was decent, but a little too expensive. After lunch we went and played on the beach they had there. For the first time ever I got to put my feet into the Pacific Ocean. It was cold, but it really made me want to go to a beach for a week. Just to sit out and swim in the ocean. The Pacific Ocean is very rocky, so a bunch of us walked around the rocks barefoot and took some really amazing pictures. The rest of the time we spent shopping. I found a great cigar shop and if I liked cigars, I could have had them ship them to me.

We then proceeded to get on the bus and take the scenic route back to Santa Clara. The bus driver told us that it would not be too much longer to take that route than the other route us highway 1. Three hours later we walked into our hotel (it took an hour to an hour and a half to get there). The views were awesome and most of us fell asleep. After a while we stopped at one of the beaches and took some pretty cool pictures on the cliffs. It had gotten extremely cold and misty, but it was well worth it. After we got back a couple of us went to dinner at Black Angus Steakhouse. The Lady Raiders were there eating which was pretty cool.

Upon getting back to the hotel, some band members were at the hot tub. We talked for a while, before we headed to bed. Rick Insell's name came up, and we were talking about the different things he could do. One girl remembers someone saying, "Rick Insell could sell Dixie Chicks concert tickets at a Toby Keith Concert." Another person said, "Rick Insell could sell ice to an Eskimo." We all laughed.

Tomorrow is game day!! Let's bring home another Lady Raider victory. GO BIG BLUE!!! (sorry this one is so long, but we have a lot going on out here in California)

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